Plush 14 inch Pig

Gund 14" plush pig

A cute plush pink pig is top of everyone’s ‘must have’ list.

This adorable little pig has a curly pig tail and of course a pink pig snout.
The understuffed body makes it a perfect cuddle toy for a child age 3 and up.

The black innocent pig eyes stare back from the 14″ long body making this plush pink pig to take everywhere.

Come ad a little pig to your plush animal farm, come get this Gund Plush Pig.

Pig iPhone Case

Pink Pig iPhone 4S case

Apple makes amazing looking devices and the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are no different but they don’t look as cute as a pig.

To solve this problem they made this case witch is pink and has a pig face on it.

So now you iPhone can become a pig phone.

The case is made by Case-Mate witch means a quality case that will do it’s best to protect your favorite phone.

Come check out this Pink Pig iPhone Case.

Pig Lamp

pig lamp

Isn’t this piggy cute?

And not only is it cute it also give light as her tail is a spiral light bulb.

This pig will make all your other lights look so boring.

The pic has the perfect shape and the incuded 9w spiral light bulb will give you plenty of light. Of course the light bulb enegery friendly and should last up to 10,000 hours.

If you want a special lamp and like pigs then don’t look further because you found the best out there.

Now is time to shop for your Pig Lamp.

Piggie Cupcake Plate

Piggie cupcake plate

You can always use some new and fun dishware and this time we show you a nice plate with a pig making cupcakes.

This plate is 10″ in diameter and drop and break resistant.

And of course it looks super cute. The pig is wearing a chefs hat and holding his two cupcakes as they are the best cupcakes you ever seen.

The plate is made of melamine and is non toxic and dishwasher safe. BUT you can not put it in the microwave.

A plate like this is ideal for kids and of course adults to.

Come have a closer look at this Piggie Cupcake Plate.

Mini Pig Piggy LED Flashlight

Mini Pig Piggy LED Flashlight

Need a very portable handy LED flashlight?

Check out this great little flashlight, with two LED bulbs it is very high quality with the light being very visable from long range. You will also find it very convenient with a key chain attached so it can be fastened to almost anything.

Shaped like a pig, or beacause it is so tiny and cute lets call it shaped like a piggy.

Get your Mini Pig Piggy LED Flashlight Key Chain.

Pig Face T-Shirt

A t-shirt with a the face of a pig coming out

This adult t-shirt shows you the face of a cute pig.

It almost looks like this is a 3D t-shirt as this pig looks so realistic that it is scarry.

The blend of color of the shirt connect perfectly with the picture of the pig.

And this 100% cotton shirt is available in adult sizes and that makes it the perfect shirt for everyday or as a nice funny gift.

Go see closer how real this shirt look, go see the Pig Face T-Shirt.

Pig Pancake Pan

norpro pig pancake pan

Yummy pancakes.

Pancakes are fun and taste great but they could look a little bit nicer.

How about a pancake that looks like a pigs face?

This pancake pan from Norpro will make that happen for you. just make pancakes as you use to but just use this pan and your will get pancakes that looks like a happy pigs face.

And of course this pancake pan is nonstick so no worries of breaking the pigs face.

Get ready for a pancake breakfast with this Pig Pancake Pan.

Pig Family iPhone Case

piglets and mother pig on this iPhone case

Boring cases for you phone are a thing off the past.

Look at this nice case for the iPhone 4. It shows a picture on it with pigs. Little piglets and a sleeping mother pig.

This case made by Speck is a great way to protect your iPhone and have something that looks good.

If you like baby pigs or any other pig then this is the case for you.

Go check out this Pig Family iPhone 4 Case.

buy Pigs Are Friends T-Shirt

Pigs Are Friends T-Shirt

Cute piggy t-shirt saying that pigs are friends

A fun Piggy t-shirt for the pig people who can’t get enough of this cute little animal.

This t-shirt is white with a blue box with a smiling pig inside and below the picture it says “Pigs are friends”.

And yes this t-shirt you can get in almost any style for kids, babies and adults so maybe give one to your whole family because everybody loves cute pigs.

Go have a look at this Pigs Are Friends T-Shirt.