buy Tiger Pillow

Tiger Pillow

Tiger Pillow

Are you looking for a pillow with a tiger on it?

This pillow could be the one you are looking for as it shows an amazing white tiger on it.

The scene shows a white tiger at night at the waters edge with one paw in the water.

A piece of art like this would look amazing anywhere and because it is a pillow you can use it in all kind of settings.

The tiger pillow is 20 x 20 inch and has a hidden zipper so that you can remove the cover to wash it.
And this tiger cover is made from 100% grade A cotton.

So if you want a tiger pillow then stop looking and come check out this White Tiger Pillow.

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buy Leopard Print Pillow

Leopard Print Pillow

Leopard Print Pillow


As animal prints are the hottest thing right now you should dress up your couch and chairs with some fun leopard print pillows.

This thrown pillow would be perfect for your home.

The pillow comes in two versions a normal 20 x 20 inch and a lumbar 21 x 13 inch version. Both pillows have the same print and would look amazing.

As you can see the print has a brownish background with spots in black and brown just like a real leopard.

The pillow has a hidden zipper so that you can remove the cover for easy washing (it is machine washable).

If you are looking for the perfect pillow then stop looking and get this Leopard Print Pillow.

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buy Two Pugs Pillow

Two Pugs Pillow

Pillow with the picture of two pugs

If a pug is the dog of choice then you will love this pillow.

The brown 100% cotton pillow has on the front a picture of two adorable pugs.

Now you home is complete with a pug pillow. Great for a cuddle or just for support while sitting in a chair.
The pillow is 13 x 21 inch and is has a zipper close so that you can wash the pug cover.

And of course this pillow comes with filled insert.

Time for a pillow fight? Try this Pugs Pillow. 

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buy Pillow Pets Ladybug Pillow

Pillow Pets Ladybug Pillow

Pillow Pets Lady Bug Pillow

Everybody loves a cute little ladybug, so much that you wish you could just scrunch them up and snuggle.

Well now you can, this is a very cool pillow that has alot of great detail in it from the black dots and feet to antenna and friendly lovable face.

The unique thing about this is it is a Pillow Pets pillow, these have velcro underneath and when attached it stands up like a ladybug, when undone the lady bug lays out flat becoming a very comfortable and useful pillow.

Get your own Pillow Pets Ladybug Pillow.

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buy Shark Pillow

Shark Pillow

Shark Plush and Pillow in one

Who would think that a shark cuddly plush could be a favorite toy and a comforting pillow all at once?

Zip and turn inside out, now you have a pillow, turn it back the other way , you have a plush shark to cuddle.

The pillow size is 14″ x 11″ and when turn inside out the shark stuffed animal is 18″ long.

Made of soft plush material, this is the perfect toy for overnight sleeps and lots of other imaginary journeys .

Enjoy a night sleep and a day of play with this fun Shark Pillow Plus.

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Hippo Cushion

Hippopotamus pillow

If you have a couch without a nice pillow then you should read this post.

Now you can get a nice colorful couch cushion that has a hippopotamus on it.

The purple hippo takes over most of the space on this cushion but together with the rest of the design it will make an amazing piece on your furniture.

Come check out this Hippopotamus Pillow.

buy Owls Pillow

Owls Pillow

owl pillow

How about a nice pillow for on your couch or bed?

This pillow is black and is coverd with all kind of owls. And there are tons on owls on the front and the back of this pillow.

At a size of 20 x 20 inch this pillow is a great size for any use. The owl cover can be removed by opeing the zipper and can then be washed in the washing machine.

The owl pillow is made of woven cotton with a synthetic filling.

If you like some nice owls for you home then come get your Owls Pillow.

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buy Polar Bear Pillow

Polar Bear Pillow

Sleep like a bear…..A Polar Bear that is.

This is a great pillow, featuring characteristics of a Polar bear, you will find a large head with snout and black nose along with four paws and a cute little tail.

The Polar bear pillow is not just for look, it is Pediatrician recommended size of 14 x 12 x 4 inches, and has a nice soft plush outside cover that can come off and be washed. The inner pillow is removable and has a cotton casing.

Also this is a cloud B product, so this means it features a removable scent pouch with Cloud B’s exclusive aromatherapy lavender blend.

Get your Polar Bear Pillow

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Magical Unicorn Pillow

Pillow Pets - Magical Unicorn Pillow

Magical…..that is definetly the best word to describe a Unicorn, and that is exactly how this awsome Pillow Pets Unicorn got it’s name.

This is Magical Unicorn an official Pillow Pets product, so you know it is durable and will will last a long time. This Magical Unicorn velcro’s together under it’s tummy to stand and look like a Unicorn, and if you un strap the velcro it will lay out flat turning into a super comfy Unicorn pillow.

This is one of the best gifts for a little one, a bed time companion or a trip companion. This Pillow Pets – Magical Unicorn will be that favorite stuffy that goes everywhere.

Look for your Pillow Pets – Magical Unicorn Pillow.