buy Women’s Puppy Socks (5 pairs)

Women’s Puppy Socks (5 pairs)

If you are looking for some cute socks then you should check out these women’s puppy socks.

And this is not a pair of puppy socks, it is 5 pairs of dog socks all in different colors and with a different dog.

Each socks has stripes and even some small details like dots and paw prints and then there is a puppy just above the heel of each sock like the dog is looking at everything you just passed.

These dog socks are made from 100% cotton and fit women’s sizes 5 – 8.5.

Now you can dogs on your feet and they will make sure your feet stay warm.

Get your Women’s Puppy Socks (5 pairs)

buy 2019 / 2020 Yoga Puppies Planner

2019 / 2020 Yoga Puppies Planner

If you like dogs and planning things then you have to check out this fun yoga puppies planner.

The pocket planner is good for 2019 and 2020 and even some of 2018.

The paper planner is all about puppies doing yoga and you find a flexible dog on the front and even inside the puppy planner you will find some dogs.

And it is a month planner with plenty of room for your appointments and maybe other things like birthdays and major holidays are already filled out.

Now you can have a yoga puppy in your pocket as this paper planner is the perfect size for in your pocket but works great in a bag too.

Get your 2019 / 2020 Yoga Puppies Planner

buy 2018 What Puppies Teach Us Wall Calendar

2018 What Puppies Teach Us Wall Calendar

If you like to smile then you should get this 2018 what puppies teach us wall calendar.

In the calendar you will find adorable puppy pictures and what they are teaching us. Each month will bring you a new fun puppy picture for you to look at for a month and I am sure you will smile the whole month when you see the picture.

Below the puppy, it shows a nice calendar grid with plenty of room to write things down important things and the grid already has important dates like major holidays filled out for you.

So make room on a wall at home or the office because puppies want to teach you things in 2018.

Get your 2018 What Puppies Teach Us Wall Calendar

buy White Puppy Lunch Box

White Puppy Lunch Box

White Puppy Yubo Lunch Box

Kids and adults are really picky out of what they will eat their lunch but if you like puppies and dogs then this lunch box could be perfect for you.

The lunch box has a white edge front and back and a centre that is available in many colors like orange, pink, black and many more.

But what it is all about with this lunch box is the super cute puppy on the front it just looks like a white ball of fur and it’s just looking at you.

Inside this lunch box you will find a sandwich box, ice pack and snack boxes and everything except the puppy picture can go in the dishwasher (puppy can be wiped clean).

Get ready for lunch with ordering your White Puppy Yubo Lunch Box.

buy Border Collie Puppy Mousepad

Border Collie Puppy Mousepad

Border Collie Puppy Mousepad

Baby animals are the cutest and this puppy dog is one of those cute animals.

This mousepad has a picture on it of a border collie pup lying on the grass staring at you.

Why have a boring mousepad when you can have something so adorable as this mousepad.

And this border collie mousepad has a none slip back so that it stays in place savely when you are working at your computer.

If puppies and border collies are your thing then come checkout this Border Collie Puppy Mousepad.

buy Puppy And Kitten Cuddle Party Poster

Puppy And Kitten Cuddle Party Poster

Dog and Cat cuddle poster

Cuddles is what life is about, especially with these two.

This puppy snuggling with a kitten is a great gift, most everyone will like either a puppy or a kitten and pictured together like this, no need to choose.

This poster is clear and large 24 x 36, and has neutral colors to mix with any decor.

It comes unframed in a protective tube for safe arrival at your door.

Now it is easy to fill any blank spot on a wall with the cuddling puppy and kitten poster!

Come check out this fun Kitten And Puppy Cuddle Poster.

buy Puppy Luggage Tag

Puppy Luggage Tag

Never lose your child’s luggage, not now ,not ever when you have a puppy luggage tag.

The cute face of a puppy, complete with floppy ears and the bright blue bow will be easily recognizable on backpacks, lunch bags, and luggage.

Be sure to fill in your information on the ample sized writing space .

Comes with a flexible , durable plastic cord to attachment the puppy luggage tag to your prized possessions.
And adults are of course to use this luggage tag too.

Get your Puppy Luggage Tag

Beagle Puppy Mousepad

Beagle Puppy Mousepad

This mousepad will make you smile everytime you look at it.

And that means no more bad days in the office just smiling at this cute puppy.

This mouspad shows a cute beagle puppy sitting in the grass while staring at your.

And a fun doggy mousepad needs to be good to and this mousepad has a great quality and a non slip back so that it stays in place while working.

Come check out out this Beagle Puppy Mousepad.

Pug Pup Plush

Aurora babies plush pug dog

Always wanted a puppy that doesn’t get bigger?

You are in luck this pug pup is a plush dog made by Aurora.

This pug looks so real you want to feed it and cuddle with it all day long.

At 12″ this pug is a great size plush and it even has it’s own Aurora Babies name tag.

If you like pugs and puppy dogs then you have to see this 12″ Plush Pug Puppy.

Sleeping Puppy Mousepad

Sleeping baby dog on a mouse pad

There we have the perfect mousepad with a cute litle baby dog taking a nap.

Everybody love puppies and besides being happy active animals they also love to rest.

This puppy really takes it’s time dreaming of becoming a big dog.

And everybody needs a nice mousepad so this it you way of getting a mousepad that looks awesome on your desk.

Go have a closer look at this super cute Sleeping Puppy MousePad.