buy Dachshund Ring Holder

Dachshund Ring Holder

If you have a lot of rings in your jewelry collection then now you can have a dachshund ring holder to collect them all.

The stone dog is perfectly shaped like the fun wiener dog and he is nice and white so that he looks stunning in any setting.

And the tail of this dog is sticking up high so that it can hold all your rings when you are not wearing them around your finger. Thanks to this dachshund ring holder you never have to search for that lost ring again as it will be around this dog’s tail.

Get your Dachshund Ring Holder

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buy Foxy Chic Jewelry Tray

Foxy Chic Jewelry Tray

Foxy Chic Jewelry Tray

Style and a dash of class dove-tail perfectly with this beautiful jewelry tray that shows the playfulness of a fox as it’s centre piece.

Sometimes you want to have a safe place to keep items of jewelry you plan on wearing in the near future, out on display. This accessory is perfect for staging jewelry just prior to you wearing it. It is not bluky at all, and will fit in various locations in a persons bedroom or even in some bathrooms. Big enough to display / hold several rings, bracelets and also great for having a place to place jewelry when returning from your day or function!

What does this fox say? “Purchase me for yourself or your friend, it will improve your life in a small yet noticeable way!”

This item is ceramic and measures 6.5 inches in height and 6 inches in diameter. You don’t need to wait to get this useful friendly item. Get your very own Sly Fox Jewelry Tray.

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buy Giraffe Ring Holder

Giraffe Ring Holder

Giraffe Ring Holder

Do your rings often get lost because you don’t remember when you put them?

A ring holder can solve that for you and this ring holder is shaped like a giraffe making it extra fun on your dressing table or nightstand.

The giraffe is white with chrome color legs and you can put rings on i’s tail or around it’s long giraffe neck.

A giraffe like this add some class to your home and will prevent your jewelry from getting lost.

This giraffe is the perfect shape and size to live in your home and protect your jewelry so come get your own Giraffe Ring Holder.

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buy Kissing Bunnies Ring Holder

Kissing Bunnies Ring Holder

Ceramic Kissing Bunnies Rabbits Ring Holder

If you are looking for a super cute romantic item for on your dressing table then you have to take a look at this rabbit figurine.

Actually this is a ceramic ring holder shaped like 2 bunnies and one kissing the other. And as there are 3 rabbits ears pointing up there is plenty of room for rings and other small jewelry.

As these white rabbits are so cute you just want them and they also make for a nice gift for a loved one.

The ceramic ring holder is 4.25 inch high making it just the perfect size for the rabbits that love to be part of your ring storing.

Dress table, nightstand or where ever you put your rings it just needs this Kissing Bunnies Ring Holder.

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buy Peacock Jewelry Holder

Peacock Jewelry Holder

Peacock Jewelry Holder

Your jewelry will never look this good, off of you… with this amazing and stunning peacock jewelry / ring holder.

This jewelry holder features a very intricate and delicate looking peacock, find the body and head standing tall and the perfect size to slip all of your rings around to keep safe.

The feathers of this peacock are spread out in full plumage and shaped as a dish to easily set pendants, necklaces, rings and any other fine jewely in.

Finely crafted with immense detail from pewter using glitter and crystal accents to make this peacock sparkle, it is handpainted measuring 3.7 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter.

Keep all your precious jewelry in one spot with the Peacock Jewelry Holder.

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buy Cat Ring Holder

Cat Ring Holder

Cat ring holder.jpg

Kittens are furry, cuddly and the sweetest little animals.

Do you sometimes forget where you put your rings? Well, this cat ring holder can help you keep your rings safe.

It is constructed from cast metal and with a sparkling chrome finish. Your rings will slip right onto the cat’s long tail and will keep them safe and sound.

Measuring 2 3/4 inch by 2 3/4 inch by 1 inch. The kitten ring holder is the perfect size to sit at the kitchen sink, bathroom sink or even at your night table when you go to bed.

Protect your rings when your not wearing them on the tail of this cute Cat Ring Holder.

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buy Bunny Ring Holder

Bunny Ring Holder

Bunny Ring holder

Bunny’s are the cutest little animals.

This bunny ring holder would love to keep you rings safe when you aren’t wearing them.

This rabbit is made of cast metal with a chrome plated finish. Your rings will slip right over the cute bunny’s ears for safety.

The bunny ring holder is 2 inch by 2 inch by 3 inch in size. So she would not take up much space at all.

Perfect to sit at the kitchen counter, the bathroom sink, or even on you dresser when you go to bed. That is just some ideas.

If you love cute little rabbit’s then take a closer look and get your own Bunny Ring Holder.

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buy Elephant Ring Holder

Elephant Ring Holder

Elephant ring holder

Would you like to keep your rings in a safe place?

Well look no further. This lovely chrome plated elephant ring holder is the perfect choice for you.

Made from cast metal and has a sparkly chrome finish. The elephant ring holder measures 1-3/4 inch by 3-inch by 1 1/2 inch. It is the perfect size and won’t take up to much room at the sink or the bedside.

Your rings will slip right onto the elephants upraised trunk or tusks to keep them safe for an easy find when your ready to wear them again.

Store your rings today in a safe place with your own Elephant Ring Holder.

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