buy Duck Crossing Sign

Duck Crossing Sign

If you are worried about the health of some ducks that like to cross the road then you probably need a caution sign like this.

This plastic sign shows a pair of ducks and the words “Duck XING”.
Not only does this sign makes the perfect warning for a duck crossing it also is a great decorative piece.

The sign is made from weather resistant plastic with silkscreen graphics.

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buy Moose Crossing Socks

Moose Crossing Socks

Moose Crossing Socks

Socks can be so boring but not any more.

If you want to warn the people that stare at your socks about the possibility of crossing moose then you need these socks.

These mainly brown socks have a moose crossing road sign on them and that makes them so much more fun then the plain socks you already have. And to make these moose socks even more fun they wrote on the bottom “I brake for moose”.

These socks comes in a range of adult sizes and are perfect for men and women.

Come have a closer look at these Moose Crossing Socks.

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Giant Ant Road Sign T-Shirt

Giant ant road sign t-shirt

How about a t-shirt with a road sign?

That could be fun but you don’t want the once everyone else has so your are looking for something special.

You found it!

This t-shirt shows a yellow road sign with a giant Ant chasing a human. Of course we all know that giant ants don’t exist so we don’t have to worry about that.

Still a fun shirt with an ant and this t-shirt comes in different styles and colors.

Get your own Giant Ant Road Sign T-Shirt.