buy German Shepherd Warning Sign

German Shepherd Warning Sign

German Shepherd Warning Sign

Do you have a German shepherd in your family?

If you do then many this warning sign could be fun for on your fence.

The sign says “I can make it to the fence in 2.8 seconds, Can You?” and besides that it also shows a picture of a German shepherd. By placing this sign you at least tell people that you have a fast dog that will protect your property.

It’s way more fun then most watch out for the dog signs.

So if you own a German shepherd or want to make people believe you own one then this sign could be perfect for you.

Come and take a better look at this German Shepherd Warning Sign.

buy Warning Standard Poodle Sign

Warning Standard Poodle Sign

Warning Standard Poodle Sign

Does your poodle love to guard your yard? Then this sign is perfect for you or any dog lover.

This dog sign features the silhouette of a poodle and says “Warning. Area Patrolled by Standard Poodle Security Co.” It would look great inside or out.

This Warning dog sign measures 10 inches by 10 inches and is made from top grade PVC plastic and quality long lasting ink. It can be used for over 5 years outside and will not rust or fade and can be mounted easily with  the two predrilled holes.

Show off your  love of your dog with this Warning Standard Poodle Sign.

buy Dog Bites Owner Kills Metal Sign

Dog Bites Owner Kills Metal Sign

Dog Bites Owner Kills Metal Sign

How to your warn people not to go in your yard because your dog maybe a bit to happy to see them?

A metal sign like this one could help.

On the sign you see a big mean looking dog and below that it says “Dog Bites, Owner Kills” and there are  even some skulls and blood on the sign.

The dog warning sign is made from heavy duty 24 gauge steel and is made for indoor or outdoor use.
Of course there are predrilled holes so that it is ready to hang.

With size of 12 x 18 inch the warning sign is just perfect for on a fence or gate.

Come and have a closer look at this Dog Bites Owner Kills Metal Sign.

buy Pug On Board Sign

Pug On Board Sign

Pug On Board Sign

New parents often have a sign on their car saying “baby on board”.

This sign is almost the same but not baby here the sign says “pug on board” because you want to make sure people know that you have a super cute dog in the car.

This pug on board sign is yellow and has a picture of a pug and a car on it. The sign is 4 x 4 inches and would look great on your cars window.

If you have a pug that loves to go for a drive then you will need this Pug On Board Sign.

buy Duck Crossing Sign

Duck Crossing Sign

Duck Xing Caution sign
If you are worried about the health of some ducks that like to cross the road then you probably need a caution sign like this.

This plastic sign shows a pair of ducks and the words “Duck XING”.
Not only does this sign makes the perfect warning for a duck crossing it also is a great decorative piece.

The sign is made from weather resistant plastic with silkscreen graphics.

Save the ducks from cars with this Duck Crossing Caution Sign.

buy Beware Guard Pug On Duty Sign

Beware Guard Pug On Duty Sign

Beware Guard Pug On Duty Sign


Of course your pug is protecting your home and maybe you should warn your visitors about this guard dog.

This plastic sing can do that for you.

On the signs you see a picture of a pug and the text “beware! guard pug on duty”.

The sign is 8 x 5 inch and makes a great gift for any pug owner.

So come and check out this Beware Guard Pug Sign.

buy Protected By Rottweiler Sign

Protected By Rottweiler Sign

No need for a home security alarm when you have a rottweiler!!!!

Check out this cool sign that can work as a home security, you will find “PROTECTED BY” and a silllouhette image of a rottweiler, then underneath find “ROTTWEILER HOME SECURITY SYSTEM. 24 – HOUR MONITORING”.

Made from very durable weatherproof.040 polystyrene which makes it perfect for indoor/outdoor use, measures 11.50 inch x 8.75 inch and is easy to hang with pre-drilled holes.

Get your Protected By Rottweiler Sign

Tiger Road Sign

Tiger Crossing yellow sign

It does not matter where you want to tell the world about the tiger crossing, it could be indoor but just as well outdoor this yellow sign is made of rust prove alumium so it will survive.

This road sign is 12 x 12 inches and shows a Tiger and the words “Tiger Crossing” of course this would be a great sign for keeping people out of you yard because who likes to be jumped at by a tiger.

The tiger crossing sign has pre drilled holes so that you can just easily hang it where ever you prefer.

Go get your own Tiger Crossing Sign.