buy Rottweiler Socks

Rottweiler Socks

Now your can show your love for dogs by wearing these Rottweiler Socks.

The dog socks come in a set of two pairs and each pair has a different color. On the socks you can find two images of a Rottweiler one sitting and one just the head and in between you can see the text “Rottweiler” and some bones and paw prints.

These Rottweiler socks are unisex and will look great on both men and women and will fit shoe size 4 – 10 and are made from 78% polyester, 20% nylon, and 2% spandex.

Now you don’t have to have cold feet anymore and I am sure the dogs will like it when you wear some clean socks.

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buy Rottweiler Wall Clock

Rottweiler Wall Clock

Now there is a dog to tell time all thanks to this Rottweiler Wall Clock.

The round clock has a nice watch face that is all taken by a big picture of a Rottweiler that is just waiting to see when it gets a treat.

The dog wall clock is 9.5 inches in diameter with a black border and a clear lens.

Now you just need the perfect spot in your home and the office where this Rottweiler clock can go so that you always know that it is time to walk the dog .

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buy Rottweiler Wall Clock

Rottweiler Wall Clock

If you need to know the time and you like dogs then you should check out this amazing looking rottweiler wall clock.

The round clock has a golden yellow background and shows the head of a rottweiler as if it is engraved in the background.

And this dog wall clock is available in square and two round versions and the round clocks come in a 8 and 10.75 inches in diameter. The wall clock runs on one AA battery that is not included.

So now you can have a cool clock on the wall at home or maybe at the office and people that look at the time at the clock will quickly know what kind of dog you like.

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buy Rottweiler Golf Club Head Cover

Rottweiler Golf Club Head Cover

If you like golf and rottweilers then this dog golf club head cover would be perfect for you.

The golf club head cover is there to protect your golf club from damage and has a fun side effect that it also makes it easier to find the right club as you know what club is protected by the dog.

The golf club head cover looks like a rottweiler and the cute dog snout makes it so worth it.

Maybe you are not allowed to bring your dog onto the green but you are allowed to bring this plush golf club head cover that looks so much like a dog.

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buy Protected By Rottweiler Sign

Protected By Rottweiler Sign

No need for a home security alarm when you have a rottweiler!!!!

Check out this cool sign that can work as a home security, you will find “PROTECTED BY” and a silllouhette image of a rottweiler, then underneath find “ROTTWEILER HOME SECURITY SYSTEM. 24 – HOUR MONITORING”.

Made from very durable weatherproof.040 polystyrene which makes it perfect for indoor/outdoor use, measures 11.50 inch x 8.75 inch and is easy to hang with pre-drilled holes.

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buy Rottweiler Face T-Shirt

Rottweiler Face T-Shirt

Rottweiler Face T-Shirt

Make a fierce impression with the Rottweiler t-shirt.

This dog t-shirt features the face of a Rottweiler taking up the entire front looking very serious and it is a very high quality realistic image.

Made by the awsome company The Mountain this Rottweiler face t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and can be found in many sizes.

Support your love for the Rottweiler with this durable and most importantly comfortable shirt.

Put on your Rottweiler Face T-shirt.