buy Shark T-Shirt

Shark T-Shirt

Shark Bite t-shirt

Yikes, if this doesn’t shock a few people, nothing will.

This 100% cotton t-shirt with the biggest shark-bite mouth, is available in sizes medium thru 3 X large.

Dark navy blue background is perfect to show off the ferocious shark straight from the deep.

This short sleeved Shark t-shirt is comfortable and cool and you can preserve the life of the design by washing in cold water , hang to dry.

Don’t be surprised people ask you about your jaws look alike shark t-shirt, you know what to tell them.

Shark week will never be the same with this Shark Bite T-Shirt.

buy Shark Pillow

Shark Pillow

Shark Plush and Pillow in one

Who would think that a shark cuddly plush could be a favorite toy and a comforting pillow all at once?

Zip and turn inside out, now you have a pillow, turn it back the other way , you have a plush shark to cuddle.

The pillow size is 14″ x 11″ and when turn inside out the shark stuffed animal is 18″ long.

Made of soft plush material, this is the perfect toy for overnight sleeps and lots of other imaginary journeys .

Enjoy a night sleep and a day of play with this fun Shark Pillow Plus.

Shark Water Park Bouncer

Shark Water Park Bouncer

Entertain for hours and hours with this cool inflatable shark water park bouncer. This is the ultimate shark park with 10 different awsome features you will keep the party going.

The shark water park bouncer sets up quickly and has an 80 square-foot splash pool, 1 fun crawl tunnel, 3 shark-fin sprayers, 1 overhead sprayer and a 3-person shark-tank bouncer that doubles as a ball pit.

This is one backyard adventure that will make your parties the favorite of all parties.

Get your Blast Zone Shark Water Park Bouncer.

Shark Wooden Puzzle

Shark Puzzle

Parents look here!

Start with this great learning jigsaw puzzle, an easy Shark puzzle to develope some necessary skills like motor skills and hand eye coordination. This Shark puzzle is also made from wood so it will stand tough against even the hardest of challenges…. like chewing perhaps.

This Shark jigsaw puzzle has 20 pieces and measures 7.75 inches x 7.75 inches and has great atractive colors for boys or girls to enjoy.

Get your Shark Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle.

buy Shark Bottle Opener

Shark Bottle Opener

A shark shaped bottle opener

Your life will never be the same.

This shark shaped bottle opener is gone change your life.

No more looking for that boring opener you normally used. Now opening a bottle of beer or anything else will be so much better because you bottle opener is in the shape of a shark.

Get your shark ready for a party by ordering your own Shark Bottle Opener.

Great White Shark Shower Curtain

Jaws great white shark shower curtain

Get a shark in your bathroom with this great white shark shower curtain.

Now you just have to watch that this shark does not bite you while you are taking a refreshing shower.

This shower curtain 72 x72 inches and is made of frosted EVA and of course PVC free.

Save a shark by putting it in your own house. Get your own Shark Shower Curtain.

Great White Shark Poster

Great white shark photo poster

There we have Jaws coming bye.

A poster of a great white shark that is what can make any room look awesome.

And this poster really makes the shark come out and swimming right at you.

But don’t be afraid the shark can’t swim out of the poster so you will be safe.

The poster is 16 x 20 and that makes this animal art poster perfect for framing or just to stick on the wall.

What ever you choose you still need to get this Great White Shark Animal Poster.