buy Pig Eye Mask And Travel Pillow Set

Pig Eye Mask And Travel Pillow Set

Now there is this Pig Eye Mask And Travel Pillow Set that is just made for you to travel in style and comfort.

This set comes in a storage bag so that it always stored and ready for use.

The travel pillow is pink and made from memory foam and has the face of a piggy on it complete with little ears on top and then there is the sleep mask that also has the cute pig face on it with ears sticking out on top.

Just imagine how much more comfy traveling will be while wearing this neck pillow and eye mask and I am sure if people see you use them they will smile as it looks so cute.

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buy Shark Head Sleep Mask

Shark Head Sleep Mask

If your child need a nap while dreaming about sharks then you have to check out this Shark Head Sleep Mask.

The sleep mask looks like the head of a great white shark complete with his big teeth.

The part that touches the eyes is made from flannel and is blue decorated with many sharks and all of it is soft and comfy and great at blocking the light so that you can sleep even in the daytime.

Anyone that loves sharks and need a sleep mask can now dream of sharks all thanks to this mask.

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buy Sloth Sleep Mask

Sloth Sleep Mask

Do you like it dark when you sleep?

If you do and you like to take it slow and rest a lot then this sloth sleep mask could be perfect for you.

The eye mask shows the face of a sloth making it of course really funny to see on you while you are sleeping.

The sloth face mask has a foam lining that is breathable and it has a nice elastic band to be comfortable while you want things to be dark.

No more sleepless nights as this sloth sleep mask will help you through the night.

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