buy Pig Eye Mask And Travel Pillow Set

Pig Eye Mask And Travel Pillow Set

Now there is this Pig Eye Mask And Travel Pillow Set that is just made for you to travel in style and comfort.

This set comes in a storage bag so that it always stored and ready for use.

The travel pillow is pink and made from memory foam and has the face of a piggy on it complete with little ears on top and then there is the sleep mask that also has the cute pig face on it with ears sticking out on top.

Just imagine how much more comfy traveling will be while wearing this neck pillow and eye mask and I am sure if people see you use them they will smile as it looks so cute.

Get your Pig Eye Mask And Travel Pillow Set

buy Giraffe Travel Pillow

Giraffe Travel Pillow

Giraffe Travel Pillow

The animal that knows the best about supporting it’s neck, has got to be our favorite, the giraffe! Well, he can help you support your child’s neck too with this adorable giraffe neck supporting pillow! He looks so sweet, and children of all ages (correction, aged one or older please) will adore him! So great to accompany a car seat or stroller! Naptime will be fun when your friend is so close!

This charming cushon (supportive pillow) is machine washable, so maintenance is straightforward, and it’s plush fabric, so you know it’s soft for your loved ones gentle skin. Pick up a couple, and you can keep one in the car at all times, it curls up easily when not in use!

Get your young one a nap time friend. Come get a sweet neck supporting Giraffe Travel Pillow.

buy Brown Bear You Go Travel Pillow

Brown Bear You Go Travel Pillow

Brown Bear You Go Travel Pillow

Bears and sleep! They go together like peanut butter and honey! Like nap and time! Like hiber and nation! Well, you get the idea!

When you are travelling there is nothing more beneficial to the quality of your adventures than being well rested. This little bear pillow is just what you need to ensure this happens! After a trek in the woods, enjoy the comfort that this microbead cushion provides. Also, when travelling by car, coach, train or plane, unzip his belly and utilize the hidden neck rest!

Our friend the bear measures approx. 13.5×6.5×7.25 inches, with the inside cushion measuring 7×12 inches. Simple lines and beautifully stitched creates great personality. It’s not a teddy, but it is nap ready. Poly-spandex blend exterior. Polystyrene microbead fill.

Rest your head on the back of this lovely brown bear, and dream peacefully of your adventures past, present and future. Pack smart and remember this guy doubles as a travel cushion with hideable neck rest!

Grab your bear necessities, get your Brown Bear You Go Travel Pillow.