buy Moose Crossing Socks

Moose Crossing Socks

Moose Crossing Socks

Socks can be so boring but not any more.

If you want to warn the people that stare at your socks about the possibility of crossing moose then you need these socks.

These mainly brown socks have a moose crossing road sign on them and that makes them so much more fun then the plain socks you already have. And to make these moose socks even more fun they wrote on the bottom “I brake for moose”.

These socks comes in a range of adult sizes and are perfect for men and women.

Come have a closer look at these Moose Crossing Socks.

buy Shark Bite Socks

Shark Bite Socks

Shark Bite Socks

EEEEK, there’s a shark biting your leg!!!

Check out this cool pair of socks featuring the mouth of a shark with wide open mouth and sharp teeth at the top, also find those scary eyes stitched on and little 3DĀ gills to complete this pair of shark bite socks.

A very soft and super comfortable pair of socks that are durable, available in women’s Shoe Sizes 4-10.

Slip into these Shark Bite Socks.

Socks With dogs

Socks with dogs

Puppies and dogs of all types have been woven into the pattern on these classy trouser womens socks.

These sock are made of a stretch , soft cotton blend that extends to mid calf and fit sizes 4 – 10.

These socks are available in three colors black, blue and beige and are embellished with many kinds of dogs.

These crew length trouse socks fit sized 4 – 6 , one size fits all.

Cold feet? If so order your own warm pair of Socks With Dogs.

Giraffe Knee High Socks

Socks with Giraffe on them and they are knee high socks

When the days are cold you want to keep your feet and legs warm. To keep them warm some good socks will help.

And now you don’t have to get boring socks any more.

These knee high socks have a giraffe on them and this giraffe with it’s long long neck is trying to eat some of the leaves that are printed on the top of the socks.

If you like animals and specially a giraffe then you should order a pair of Giraffe Knee High Sock.