buy Green Ceramic Turtle Teapot

Green Ceramic Turtle Teapot

Now there is a turtle teapot that makes you wish it was tea time right now.

This turtle teapot is made from ceramic and is green. The pot is shaped like a turtle with the lid to the pot having a little turtle on it.

Beside ceramic the tea pot has a handle from rattan to make it look even better.

And this is a fair-trade product so by getting one you support someone that really appreciate you drinking tea from this pot.

If you like turtles or just cool teapots then you just need this green ceramic teapot for your collection.

Get your Green Ceramic Turtle Teapot

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buy Wood Duck Teapot

Wood Duck Teapot

Wood Duck White Ceramic Teapot

Teatime is that time of day to relax a bit and enjoy a nice hot beverage.

And now there is the perfect teapot for that occasion.

This is a 7 inch tall white ceramic teapot and on both sides of the teapot you can find an image of a wood duck. The image is a black and white picture of a wood duck while floating around in the water and below that it says “wood duck”.

The duck teapot can hold up to 44oz of you favorite hot beverage. And to make you life easier the teapot is safe to use in microwave and dishwasher.

Now is the perfect time to order your own Wood Duck Teapot.

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buy Penguin Teapot

Penguin Teapot

Your favorite cup of tea will be even more enjoyable when served in your Penguin Teapot .

This single serving teapot is light blue and displays a frozen scene filled with emperor penguins all waiting for tea.

The lid has a cute momma Penguin and baby as the handle to lift and peek inside for more tea. This is a “Paul Cardew” design and will add to your collection quite nicely.

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Cows Teapot

Tea time became better with this cows teapot

Tea time became so much better with a teapot with cows on it.

This works better if you like milk in your tea because now you will never forget that you like milk in your tea.

A teapot like this is special and a great addition to your cow collection. You can see cows all around the pot and this teapot comes in two sizes so you can get the one that fits your tea needs best.

And a quality teapot like this is of course dishwasher and microwave safe.

Tea time with tea out of your new Cows Teapot

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