buy Turtle Paper Towel Holder

Turtle Paper Towel Holder

Paper towels are kinda boring but when you place it in this turtle paper towel holder it will really look cool.

The paper towel holder is made from wood and on the side it has a metal turtle with a brown shell that looks great with the wood from the holder.

So now a turtle is hanging in front of your paper and to me, it looks like it is a sea turtle that is swimming up.

Having this paper towel holder in your kitchen is just fun as it looks so much better than just hanging that paper towel just standing around.

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buy Surfing Turtle T-Shirt

Surfing Turtle T-Shirt

How do you know it’s summer?

When the first turtle casts its shadow on the beach riding a tall wave on a surfboard! It’s not known as much as the groundhog rule for spring, but tubular turtles have been accurately predicting the start of summer for longer than you were tying your shoes!

But seriously, this hilarious cartoon designed t-shirt is sure to bring summer happiness to anyone looking at it, or anyone wearing it! If you want to bring turtle power to the table, simply don this comfortable summer shirt and it’s like you are immediately at the beach!

Choose your favorite shirt color and pick your size and you will be feeling great knowing your gift for yourself or for your friend, is on its way – without having to shell out a lot of clams! You can get this turtle t-shirt in styles for men, women, and kids.

Cowabunga dudes and dudettes! This shirt is styling when it’s dry or wet.

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buy Turtle Bath Toy With Light

Turtle Bath Toy With Light

Move over rubber ducky! Theirs’s a new name in town! Glowy turtles! What better way to make bath time so much fun!

This light up sea animal toy has sensors on its underside that detect water and cause it to light up by way of LED lights. It is so cool, you little lass or little lad is going to love it!

Think of the fun to be had! Be honest, mommy or daddy will get a smile from it too.

Delivers in its own small sized box, designed to be a perfect gift! Shower gifts are over-rated.. we want the best bath tub gift.. and this is it!

This turtle is going to be a clean and happy trusted friend for your little tikes, and he doesn’t need pizza to work his magic! You won’t have to shell out much to enjoy the wonder he brings. Rittle wonder he’s so kawaii!

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buy Turtle Golf Club Head Cover

Turtle Golf Club Head Cover

If you like turtles and golf then you just need this turtle golf club head cover.

The head cover looks just like a plush turtle and that will make it way cooler too.

Just put this turtle over you favorite club and it will be protected by turtle power and that makes it way easier to find that golf club of choice easier too.

The turtle head cover will fit clubs up to a 460cc driver.

Now playing golf will be extra fun because you have a turtle in your bag and that will make you fellow players smile that’s for sure.

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buy Personalized Turtle Christmas Wrapping Paper

Personalized Turtle Christmas Wrapping Paper

If you need to wrap a Christmas present for someone that loves turtles then this turtles gift wrap is what you need.

The wrapping paper is red and on it, you can see a green turtle wearing a Santa hat and below the turtle, it has a personalized message printed on the paper especially for you. On the picture it says “Merry Christmas Amelia” but it can say anything you want at no extra cost.

And this turtle Christmas wrapping paper is available in many sizes all being 30 inches wide and that way you only get the paper you really need to wrap your presents.

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buy Turtle Ready For Summer T-Shirt

Turtle Ready For Summer T-Shirt

If you like summer and turtles then this t-shirt is what you want.

On the t-shirt you can see a green turtle with it’s shell on it’s back and it seem to be ready for summer as it is wearing some shiny sunglasses that protect the turtles eyes and make it look really cool.

If you would like to look cool this summer then you just have to start wearing this t-shirt.

You can get this fashionable turtle t-shirt in styles for both men and women in sizes ranging from Small – 6XL and it comes in many fun colors as well.

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buy Green Ceramic Turtle Teapot

Green Ceramic Turtle Teapot

Now there is a turtle teapot that makes you wish it was tea time right now.

This turtle teapot is made from ceramic and is green. The pot is shaped like a turtle with the lid to the pot having a little turtle on it.

Beside ceramic the tea pot has a handle from rattan to make it look even better.

And this is a fair-trade product so by getting one you support someone that really appreciate you drinking tea from this pot.

If you like turtles or just cool teapots then you just need this green ceramic teapot for your collection.

Get your Green Ceramic Turtle Teapot

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buy Sea Turtle Bathroom Scale

Sea Turtle Bathroom Scale

Now there is a turtle bathroom scale witch can replace that boring white plain scale you have now.

This bathroom scale has the top covered in an image of an sea turtle swimming in the ocean. Beside the turtle you can only see the LCD display that will tell you your weight when you go stand on the turtle.

The turtle scale can display weight in lbs or kg and can show weights up to 397 lbs.

Sure you can go for a boring plane bathroom scale but if you have a turtle theme bathroom then this scale would look right at home.

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buy Turtle Christmas Tree Skirt

Turtle Christmas Tree Skirt

Well, there was a “Buddhist karma chameleon”, which Boy George described from a dream in it’s eponymous song as “Red, Gold, and Green”, and then there is this beautiful “Christian turtle tree skirt” for Christmas, which comes in snowier as “Red, White and Green”. There has been word that the Culture Club is working on a song called Christian Turtle Skirt, which is reported to be even catchier than George’s prior hit!!

But seriously, and to be clear, how long have you pined for the most perfect and eclectic tree skirt to place under your Christmas tree? You know you love turtles! They are green, wise, conservative with their green energy, and now can be represented fully on this gorgeous red background tree skirt, which features beautiful white snowflakes and sprawling cute tortoises!

Does it make sense? From a position of sweet originality and animal loving warmth, the logic is sound!

Let’s face it, tree stands can be ugly and take away from the joy that a beautiful tree brings. Dress your Christmas centre piece up with this must have unique item which will be a wonderful place to put your presents on top of! Machine washable brushed polyester, it’s 44″ in diameter and fits most trees. Made in the USA with an easy closure, no straps or fussy ties.

Turtle your tree with snowflakes and green friends – warm up your home for family and good friends. Better than box of Turtles under the tree – don this skirt for your evergreen!

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buy Turtles Rock Ornament

Turtles Rock Ornament

Reptiles can be the cutest things out there and this ornament will prove that to you immediately. It is a little turtle that is full of smiles and will make you smile right along with him.

This is a circular ornament has a background of grey with a bunch of white hearts all over the place in different sizes. At the top of the ornament there is green writing saying “Turtles Rock!” in an arc pattern. There is then a cute little turtle who is rocking on his back. His shell is light green with brown spots. His legs, tail, neck and head is a bit darker green and his mouth is a light green like his shell. Aww, so cute.

The size of the ornament is approximately 2.9 inches and is made of white ceramic. It includes a gold ribbon to put through the hole to hang up on your tree or anywhere else you would like to. You decide.

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