buy Two Elephants On A Travel Mug

Two Elephants On A Travel Mug

Two Elephants On A Travel Mug

The beautiful graphic on this mug wraps fully around the entire cup. Imagine a pachyderm wrapping it’s trunk sound this beauty to get a drink from it. Imagine yourself smiling as you drink from it without needing a trunk. Noses are for smelling! You will not feel handicapped, you will be handy-cupped!

This elephant travel mug is insulated steel and a lid to keep liquids from spilling. Keep beautiful things nearby. Life is too short not to tweak it to your liking!

This dishwasher safe coffee carrier features two beautiful female “phants”, giving themselves a shower in the river, and is suitably called “The Elephant Queens”, as their majesty would require.

Get to the bottom of what you love. Carry your coffee and elephant passions on hand. Great for yourself or a fellow elephantophile!

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