buy Hedgehog Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Hedgehog Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Hedgehog Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

What could be cuter than a hedgehog? Why a pair of hedgehogs of course! This adorable salt and pepper set brings the magic and warmth of these cute (prickly – not cuddly) woodland creatures to your table. Mamma and Poppa hedgehog will serve lovingly as your trusted shakers.. which one is which you ask? Why the pepper shaker is the one with the fewer holes!

A beautiful couple of ceramic seasoning dispensers to add whimsy and charm to your dinner setting, and they make great conversation pieces! They have friendly faces with round black shiny eyes and noses, and chubby cheeks. Lovely textured detailing of their light brown back adds depth and character.

Each shaker is approximately 3″x1.75″x1.5″.

How can you possibly pass them (up)? Hand yourself the Hedgehog Salt and Pepper Shaker Set.

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