buy Inner Sloth T-Shirt

Inner Sloth T-Shirt

Inner Sloth T-Shirt

Express your inner-Sloth! Do you feel like doing anything today…. HECK NO!!  So let people know with this clever sloth representation.

A furry marsupial that is at once endeared and representative of one of the most understandable of the deadly sins – chillaxing – slacking – being a freaking SLOTH!!

Check out the claws on this relaxed individual. They don’t go “SNKKT!” but their laid back, understated presence would get the attention of Xcellent Wolverine and even the highly antagonizing honey badger..!

You are the king of indifference, and this could not be more clear now that you are wearing your sloth t-shirt!  Choose your color and size, Heavyweight 6.1 oz 100% cotton T.   His poker-face half smile is money.

Go ahead, treat yourself to this chill piece of cool. Get it your own Sloth T-Shirt.

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