buy Penguin Lighted Lawn Ornament

Penguin Lighted Lawn Ornament

Penguin Lighted Lawn Ornament

It is time to celebrate the holidays like Christmas and New Years, why not get a friendly penguin that is all lit up and looking great.

Here you see a giant Christmas lawn ornament that features a penguin standing tall and is very detailed with a black and orange beak aswell as eyes and the back of the penguins head has some orange. It has a white belly with the rest blue and it is covered in lights from head to flipper.

The penguin lawn ornament measures 10 inches in width x 7.75 inches in depth x 24.5 inches in height aswell as a plug cord that is 10 feet, inside there is 160 mini LED lights that are white and ready to light up your yard for the holidays.

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