buy Large Dog Skeleton For Halloween

Large Dog Skeleton For Halloween

Now your Halloween decorations can have a skeleton of a dog added to make it look a lot scarier.

This large dog skeleton is made from plastic and is sized 2.5 1/2 inches high and 35 inches long (not including the tail) and it has a posable tail and his jaw can open and close.

Just imagine having this dog standing on the porch or on the grass, it would be interesting to see what real dog’s think of it.

Having this Halloween decoration standing around just adds a bit more freak to your already amazing display.

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buy Peace Doves Lighted Lawn Ornaments

Peace Doves Lighted Lawn Ornaments

With the holiday seasons of Christmas or Thanksgiving we all wish for a peaceful day, these are some very elegant peace doves to put out on your lawn and show off your spirit.

Each dove features a white light up body, head and wings that are very detailed with gold glitter,intricate design and have a green and gold bow around the neck, with wings pointing high you will make a very nice statement and your lawn will never look this good.

Included in this set is 2 glitter peace dove lawn ornaments that each measure approximately 28 inches to 30 inches in height, each dove also comes with it’s own power cord, stakes and stand.

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buy Penguin Lighted Lawn Ornament

Penguin Lighted Lawn Ornament

It is time to celebrate the holidays like Christmas and New Years, why not get a friendly penguin that is all lit up and looking great.

Here you see a giant Christmas lawn ornament that features a penguin standing tall and is very detailed with a black and orange beak aswell as eyes and the back of the penguins head has some orange. It has a white belly with the rest blue and it is covered in lights from head to flipper.

The penguin lawn ornament measures 10 inches in width x 7.75 inches in depth x 24.5 inches in height aswell as a plug cord that is 10 feet, inside there is 160 mini LED lights that are white and ready to light up your yard for the holidays.

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buy Zombie Flamingos Lawn Ornaments

Zombie Flamingos Lawn Ornaments

Halloween Zombie Flamingos Lawn Decorations

Maybe you lawn has some pink flamingos in them but for Halloween it would be perfect to replace those with these zombie flamingos.

This is a set of two birds and they are black with scary teeth and red eyes. One of the flamingos is standing straight and the other bends over just like you see their pink counterparts do.

These zombie flamingo birds are a great addition to your Halloween decorations and I am sure that people will look and think twice about entering your yard. And when you go back to pink after Halloween then people still wonder about those zombie birds.

Get your garden ready for Halloween with these Zombie Flamingo Lawn Ornaments.

buy Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornaments

Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornaments

Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornaments

Perhaps the milestone of a birthday arrives for a friend, maybe 50 years old? Well you need to take action and do something unforgettable for them.

Here we feature a pink flamingo lawn ornament that from a small distance looks like a realistic flammingo with details such as 3D wings and tail, long curved neck and a yellow beek along with two long rods that will pass as legs.

Made to be durable and weather proof to last a long time this is a set of two pink flamingo lawn ornaments that each stand about 26 inches tall.

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