buy Cow Print Bracelets

Cow Print Bracelets

Now you can get these fun Cow Print Bracelets that are just perfect if you are having a cow themed party.

There are 12 rubber bracelets in the set so you and your friends can all have this fun bracelet. All the bracelets are white with on it black spots like you know from those typical black and white cows.

If you like animal prints and cows then this bracelet is just fun to wear and as you get 12 you can have many on one arm or share them with your friends and even with people that come to your barn yard of cow themed party.

Get your Cow Print Bracelets

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buy Flamingo Bangle Bracelet

Flamingo Bangle Bracelet

Now you can have a bird on your wrist all thanks to this Flamingo Bangle Bracelet.

The bracelet has a thin bangle shape with a bigger flamingo on it so that you can always look at this bird.

And the flamingo comes covered in rhinestones. You can choose this bracelet in rose gold, gold and silver color and covered in pink or white rhinestones.

And this fun jewelry comes in a gift box so that you can give this to a special someone that can use a flamingo bracelet.

A piece of bird jewelry is just a great present for a special age birthday.

Get your Flamingo Bangle Bracelet

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buy Men’s Metal Shark Bracelet

Men’s Metal Shark Bracelet

If you are a man in need of a cool bracelet then you have to check out this men’s metal shark bracelet.

The bracelet is like a metal shark that you jus fold around your wrist and then you can have the shark bite his tail and then it is the shark bracelet you always wanted.

And his bracelet comes in stainless steel, gold plated, and platinum plated.

Shark jewelry like this is unique and special and is a must have for a true shark lover and it does make for a great present to and it does come in a gift box.

Get your Men’s Metal Shark Bracelet

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buy Cat Head Dangle Bracelets

Cat Head Dangle Bracelets

If you love cats and think that their pointy ear design is fun then you will want to get your wrists into these fun bracelets and add them to your jewelry box.

This set of three bracelets come with 3 fun metal colors to choose from golden, silver, and pewter all are crafted to be durable yet smooth on the wrist each with a set of pointy ears to make them look like a cat head.

What a fun way to show off your love for the adorable kitty cats and the bracelets are great to add to a dressed up outfit or a casual blue jean and t-shirt night out.

Get your Cat Head Dangle Bracelets

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buy Peacock Feather Bangle Bracelets

Peacock Feather Bangle Bracelets

Set of 3 gold Peacock Feather Bangle Bracelets

This is a set of 3 gold tone bangle bracelets and each has peacock feathers on them.

Why get one bracelet when you can get 3 and if it has peacock feathers on it then 3 could be to few.

The bracelets all have a diameter of 2 5/8″ but have 3 differentness widths. And the bracelets widths are approximately 7/8″, 7/16″ and 5/16″.

The peacock bangles are made from resin with a gold tone finish and on top of that some amazing looking peacock details.

No these peacock bracelets are not the expensive gold jewelry you expect when you look at them and that makes them so much better and less for you to worry about if you may loose one.

So add some bracelet to your collection and lets starts with this Peacock Feather Bangles Set.

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buy Panda Bear Bead Charm

Panda Bear Bead Charm

Panda Bear Bead Charm

If you are looking for a special gift for a friend, or maybe you would like to treat yourself, why don’t you get a new bracelet charm.

This cute little panda bear bead charm is perfect for any animal lover.

This fun bead is a 10 mm somersaulting panda made of silver-plated pewter with black accents in all the right places and the hole is 4.5 mm so it will fit all the major bead bracelets including PANDORA, Chamilia, Biagi and Troll.

If you don’t already own a bracelet for these beads, you can purchase a silver or leather one at the same time as the bead.

Show your playful side with this Panda Bear Bead Charm.

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buy Owl Graduation Bracelet Charm

Owl Graduation Bracelet Charm

owl graduation Pandora bracelet charm

Do you have a daughter, niece or a special girlfriend graduating this year? Are you having troubles finding that special gift for there celebration?

If so this beautiful owl graduation charm will make the perfect gift to give any one who is graduating from high school or university.

This handmade 925 sterling silver bead owl charm is in the shape of an owl holding a diploma wearing a graduation hat.

A lovely piece of jewelry especially a charm will always put a smile on a girl/women face.
And this owl charm will fit all the mayor charm brackets like Pandora, Biagi and Troll.

Watch the excitement of your loved one now when they receive there beautiful Owl Graduation Bracelet Charm.

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buy Vintage Owl Bangle Bracelet

Vintage Owl Bangle Bracelet

Vintage Owl Bangle Bracelet

Do you love the vintage look?

Well the vintage black rhinestone crystal eye owl bangle cuff bracelet will dress up any vintage outfit you wear.

This unique vintage owl bangle is bronze with a alloy cuff opened piece. It as big black rhinestones for the eyes. The dimensions are 2″ x 2.5″  in size.

The owl face and body is engraved on the front of the bracelet. It only weighs only 2.5 ounces. So it won’t be heavy on the wrist.

If you are an owl lover or you know someone who is then this fabulous bird bracelet will make a perfect gift idea.

So if you love the vintage style  get your own Owl Black Rhinestone Eye Bangle bracelet.

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buy Sea Horse Rhinestone Bracelet

Sea Horse Rhinestone Bracelet

Sea Horse Rhinestone Bracelet

An accessorry to stand out with style and originality.

Here it is, this is an absolutely magnificent bracelet that is in the shape of 2 sea horses wrapped around your wrist.

With very high quality craftmanship there are gleaming rhinestones inlaid around the entire bracelet, and nice big rhinestones to portray the eyes.

With a crocodile style of opening this makes the Sea horse bracelet easy to slip on and off, with the opening measuring 3.5 cm.

Try on this Sea Horse Rhinestone Bracelet.