buy Jumping Dolphins Bookends

Jumping Dolphins Bookends

If you like books and dolphins then you have to look at this bookend set.

This set has two bookends that show a bunch of dolphins jumping up from the waves. The design really brings out some great looking dolphin and that makes this bookend just perfect for your home or office.

Anywhere that there are books is a great place for this bookends set.

Made from poly-resin these dolphins are strong and not super heavy but heavy enough to prevent those books from moving.

Just imagine a bunch of dolphins ready to dress up your bookshelf and that while you never have to worry about falling books again.

Get your Jumping Dolphins Bookends

buy Dolphin Jumping Shower Curtain

Dolphin Jumping Shower Curtain

Jumping dolphin shower curtain

Dolphins needs water and where de you have a lot of water? Yes the bathroom.

And for that reason there now is this dolphin shower curtain that shows the sea and the sky and a dolphin jumping up out of the water.

The dolphin shower curtain has a blue look all over making it perfect for a bathroom that has blue accents.

The shower curtain is 69 x 70 inch and has 12 eyelets for shower hooks (not included).

Just imagine having an amazing photo of a dolphin on your shower curtain. I think it would just bring some life to a bathroom.

If you would like a new shower curtain then come see this Jumping Dolphin Shower Curtain.

buy Dolphins Dream Bathmat

Dolphins Dream Bathmat

Dolphins Dream Bathmat

With this dolphin bathmat you never have to worry about that cold bathroom floor again.

And besides being warm this bathmat also just look amazing in a bathroom. The picture on this bathmat is from two dolphins swimming and blowing bubbles under water. It all is nice and blue and just a perfect fit form many bathrooms.

The dolphin bathmat is 24 x 17 inch and is made from memory foam and can even be washed and dried in you machine if it get dirty.

Just imagine stepping out of the tub onto this amazing looking mat keeping your feet warm.

I would not wait another minute to replace my bathmat with this Dolphins Dream Bathmat.

buy Dolphin Face T-Shirt

Dolphin Face T-Shirt

Dolphin Face T-Shirt

This t-shirt is the perfect t-shirt for someone that wants everything dolphin.

As you can see above the front of this t-shirt is covered with a picture of the face of a dolphin and that against a blue background that looks like water. The whole shirt is covered making it special on its own but the big dolphin really makes it stand out.

This dolphin t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and comes in a wide range of sizes going from Small – 5XL.

You have to admit that the design of this t-shirt just pops and that of course is what you want from a Dolphin T-Shirt.

buy Dolphin Postage Stamp

Dolphin Postage Stamp

Dolphin stamps

Postage stamps are boring and often all look the same.

If dolphins are you kind of animals then why not get some postage stamps with dolphins on it.

And now you can have United States Postal Service stamp that you can use on all your mail.

And as you can see above these stamps looks super cute with 3 dolphins swimming around with some other sea creatures around them.

You can get these  dolphin stamps in different sizes and different stamp values so that they fit with you postal needs.

Before you send that letter first make sure you get your own Dolphin Postage Stamp.

buy Dolphin Ring

Dolphin Ring

Dolphin Sterling Silver Ring

Show your enjoyment of the land under the sea and add to your collection of dolphin accessories with this beautiful dolphin ring.

This shiny sterling silver ring features three raised dolphins jumping out of the sea and will remind you of seeing dolphins happily playing in the ocean.

The dolphins are created carefully by hand and are shown with a lot of detail. This ring would be the perfect accent piece for any outfit whether you are dressed casually or more formally and comes in full sizes 6 – 9.

Celebrate your love of this intelligent, playful marine mammal with this Dolphin Ring.

buy Dolphin Sea Vision Wyland Signed Painting

Dolphin Sea Vision Wyland Signed Painting

Dolphin Sea Vision Wyland Signed Painting

The artist Wyland will ring a bell for many, quality and precision is what you can expect from this awesome artist.

This is a painting that is titled “Sea Vision” and is absolutely gorgeous, you can find the sunset in the background with vibrant yellow, reds, oranges, violets and blues with a silhouette shadow of a dolphin captured in mid flight.

The Wyland Sea Vision painting measures approximately 45″ x 33″ (with frame), and 36″ x 24″ (without frame), this is also a great collectors piece as it is hand signed with Certificate of Authenticity by Wyland.

Collect this magnificent Dolphin Sea Vision Wyland Signed Painting.

buy Dolphin Nail Clipper

Dolphin Nail Clipper

Dolphin Nail Clippers

Are you still using boring shaped nail clippers?

Why not get a fun animal to cut your nails?

This dolphin nail clipper would love to cut your nails when ever it is needed.

Just remove his little beak and the cutter becomes visible and then just use the little lever on top to cut your nails to the desired length.

And this dolphin nail clipper has a little hanging loop so that you can easily take it with you where ever you go.
Just hang the dolphin on your  key chain and you are always set to cut your nails.

Come and have a closer look at this Dolphin Nail Clipper.

buy Dolphin Cake Pan

Dolphin Cake Pan

Dolphin Cake Pan

If you are thinking about baking the perfect dolphin cake then you are in luck as we found the cake pan that can make you life a lot easier.

This dolphin shape cake pan can make an 11 inch long dolphin cake that has perfect details that you can expect to see on a cake based on this water creature.

The cake pan is made from thin steel and can be used for other things besides cake.
How about a dolphin pudding or gelatin mold?

It does not matter what kind of dolphin desert you like to make this cake pan can help you out.

So start planning your desert and start by ordering your Dolphin Cake Pan.

buy Dolphin Luggage Tag

Dolphin Luggage Tag

Dolphin Luggage Tag

Yes of course you can have the same luggage tag and suitcase as everybody else but it makes it kind of difficult to find it on the luggage belt.

This dolphin luggage tag can make your life a lot easier.

Not many people will have this tag as it is made specially for you.

On one side of this luggage tag you can see a picture of a dolphin and on the other there will be your information.

You can decide what you want printed on the back and with your info on the printed on the tag your quest to find the right suitcase became a lot easier.

Come and have a closer look at this Dolphin Luggage Tag.