buy Yellow Giraffe Bookends

Yellow Giraffe Bookends

If you like giraffes and books then you should check out these yellow giraffe bookends.

The bookends are yellow and shaped like a giraffe so you can put your books in between two cool giraffes and I am sure that you will like the look of the giraffes on the sides of your books.

The bottom of the bookends has some protectors so that it won’t damage your bookshelf.

The giraffes come in a set of two so that you can put your books in between on a nice wall shelve.

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buy Dachshund Bookends

Dachshund Bookends

If you like dogs and books then these bookends would be something perfect for you.

The bookends are a set of two and the front shows the front half of a dachshund and the other half shows the back of the dog. The bookends have wooden brown base and the dog is made from white resin and that just looks great together.

And the more books you put between the bookends the longer the dachshund will look and that of course is funny to see how this doggy can grow in length.

Fun bookends like this will make you so much happier as no longer all those books will be falling over.

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buy Kitty Cat Bookends

Kitty Cat Bookends

Everybody wants to be a cat! That’s how the song goes. Why? They have style, independence and are mysterious. These traits are what make this set of cat bookends so purrrfect! One of these pair is sporting an intellectual set of eyewear, and peering through a magnifying glass at the magnificent tome, and the other is crouched playfully to read the bottom of the page he is purveying. What a great way to accentuate your existing trove of literature!

This set of two resin feline bookends has measurements as follows: 6″ x 6″ x 3.25″ and will easily support your taller books as well as your paperbacks.

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buy Rhinoceros Bookends

Rhinoceros Bookends

Rhinoceros bookends

You are a lover of adventure in reading and life. You have your own classic and majestic sense of style.

Book-end your books with this imported, elegant antique inspired rhinoceros pair of bookends. This prized beast will protect your eclectic collection of books, from cover to cover, front to finish.

Made out of resin, the rhino is accentuated by a faux-distressed finish to complement their effect.  Appropriately sized at approximately 6×6.25×3 inches and 6x4x3 inches.

Why not have your own set of Rhinoceros Bookends.

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buy Rhino Bookends

Rhino Bookends

Rhinoceros Bookends

Are you books like falling over all the time?

If so then maybe a rhinoceros can help.

This set of two rhino bookends will be a perfect way to keep your book neat and that while having some amazing looking animals holding them in place.

These rhinoceros bookends are made from wood and polyresin making them strong and great looking and each bookend shows a rhino head. The color of course is perfect to to be there while admiring your book collection.

The rhino bookends are about 7 inch tall and just look like a classic piece that would look amazing in a bookcase or on a bookshelf.

Come and admire these Rhinoceros Bookends.

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buy Jumping Dolphins Bookends

Jumping Dolphins Bookends

If you like books and dolphins then you have to look at this bookend set.

This set has two bookends that show a bunch of dolphins jumping up from the waves. The design really brings out some great looking dolphin and that makes this bookend just perfect for your home or office.

Anywhere that there are books is a great place for this bookends set.

Made from poly-resin these dolphins are strong and not super heavy but heavy enough to prevent those books from moving.

Just imagine a bunch of dolphins ready to dress up your bookshelf and that while you never have to worry about falling books again.

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buy Lion Bookends

Lion Bookends

Bronze Lion Statue Bookends

Looking for some classy looking bookends?

How about these lion once?

The set has two bookends that look like a lion on a pedestal. The base is made from wood with on top the casted lions made from polyresin stone and all that is coated in a bronze colored finish . It all looks really nice and it will keep your books in place.

If you are building that classy library or just want to dress up that bookshelf then some amazing bookends you need.

And who better to watch over your books then the king of the jungle.

Give you books some support from falling with the help of these Bronze Lion Statue Bookends.

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buy Peacock Bookends

Peacock Bookends

Peacock Bookend

A classy home library needs some classy bookends.

If you like peacocks then these peacock bookends would make the perfect edition to your home library.

Amazing detail and color will make people stare of amazement.

The Peacocks are sitting on a base and their feathers all laid out and that makes these birds almost come alive.

You only need two things before you can own bookends like this and that is a bookshelf and books. Maybe a book about peacocks would be perfect.

Come and have a closer look at these Peacock Bookends.

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buy Labrador Bookends

Labrador Bookends

laborador dog bookends

Why are so many dog lovers, also lovers of literature? There are few things in life you can trust to always be there for you.

Showcase some class with these bronze sculpted labrador bookends.

Standing (resting) 5″ H x 3.5″ W  the beautifully formed dogs will be sure to add a sense of warmth and comfort to any bookcase they are placed upon.
Functioning to ensure your prized books are secure and upright, these bronze cast companions will  serve you for a lifetime.
Quiet and pensive, each dog is unique, and realistic in body posture and facial expression.

If you have books that need some dog support then check out these Labrador Bookends.

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Wolf Bookends

Timer Wold Bookends

A set of timber wolf book ends would be perfect for someone who is fond of reading and wolves.

Each wolf bookend is 5 1/2 inches tall, 3 1/2 inches wide and 3 1/4 inches deep .

Made of cold cast resin, these wolf bookends are finished with a dark mahogany color and have a wood like finish.

The attention to detailing on these Timber Wolf bookends is what makes them unique and soon to be someone’s favorite.

Dress up your bookshelve with these Timber Wolf Bookend Set.

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