buy Mallard Duck Doormat

Mallard Duck Doormat

Now there is this Mallard Duck Doormat so that you can wipe your feet.

The doormat is made from coco fiber and has a vinyl backing to keep it all in place when you are wiping your feet. And the doormat is 18 x 30 inches so plenty of big for in front of the door.

On the brown doormat you can see a nice mallard duck image and next to the bird it says “Have a nice day!”.

If you like ducks and want to keep dirt out the house then this doormat is what you should check out as it looks so fun.

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buy Mallard Duck Pillow

Mallard Duck Pillow

If you need a nice pillow and you like ducks then you should check out this mallard duck pillow.

On the front and the back of the pillow you can see a bunch of male and female ducks. The whole design look classy and classic and makes it fun for a classic interior or maybe for you cabin.

You can get these duck pillows in a bunch of sizes and you can even choose the fabric and there is an outdoor version too.

So now you can add your ducks to your life by adding fun pillows like this to your home.

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buy Duck Floating Drink Holder

Duck Floating Drink Holder

If you want a fun pool party then you need a duck floating drink holder.

The drink holder looks a lot like a yellow rubber duck and has space in the middle for your cup or a can so that you are ready to be in the water with your drink on the side.

And the floating duck cup holder comes in a set of 3 so that you can have 3 drinks ready for you or you can invite some of your friends for a pool party.

So now you can bring you drink into the pool limiting the time you have to spend outside the pool.

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buy Mallard Duck Costume

Mallard Duck Costume

Always want to quack for a reason? If so then this mallard duck costume is perfect for Halloween.

The duck costume is for adults and comes in two sizes and will fit most adults.

The duck costume includes Tunic, pants, headpiece, slippers, and a belly and all that transform you into a male mallard duck.

Now you can be a bird but unlike a real duck I would not try to float in the pond or just of the roof to fly away because this is just a costume so even after a couple drink on Halloween you can still not try to be a real mallard duck.

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buy Yellow Duck Tea Infuser

Yellow Duck Tea Infuser

If you like ducks and tea then you just need this duck tea infuser.

The duck will float in your hot water and below the duck you find a compartment to put you loose leave tea so that while the duck floats in your cup it actually is brewing some tea for you.

The duck looks like a yellow rubber duckie and that is always fun.

Why get a boring tea egg when you can have a duck making your favorite tea.

And the duck will prevent loose tea ending up in your drink and that is what you expect from a good tea infuser.

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buy Rubber Ducky Ice Cube Tray

Rubber Ducky Ice Cube Tray

Ice cubes are great and rubber ducky’s are to so why not combine them?

And that is what they did so now you can make rubber duck ice cubes with this rubber ducky ice cube tray.

The tray will house 8 ducks so that you have ice cubes for a couple of drinks or as fun decorating pieces.

And you can make this duck mold also for making chocolates and rubber ducky chocolates sounds great especially if they don’t taste like rubber but like yummy chocolate.

Start planning your party because now you have a mold for chocolates and ice cubes.

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buy Duckling Ready For A Swim T-Shirt

Duckling Ready For A Swim T-Shirt

This t-shirt shows a duckling that is ready for it’s first swim.

On the shirt, you can see the yellow fluffy looking duck and it is having swim goggles on it’s head and a swim ring around it’s waist and that of course, will help this little bird to swim.

And this duck t-shirt comes in all kind of cool colors and in sizes ranging from Small – 6XL and it is available in styles for men and women.

The t-shirt may not be made from duck feathers but it is made from 100% cotton to make it soft and just perfect for you.

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buy Mallard Duck Car Mirror Hanger

Mallard Duck Car Mirror Hanger

If you really like ducks and would like to see one when you drive around the this mallard duck rear view mirror hanger is perfect for you.

The duck is a hanger for your car mirror and by hanging it there it looks like this mallard ducks is flying with you while you drive. It looks like the duck is ready to land so be careful you don’t follow it into the water.

The ducks is made from a flexible material so that it would not break easy while hanging in your car.

A colourful bird like this is a great addition to you car.

Get your Mallard Duck Car Mirror Hanger

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buy Mallard Duck Notebook

Mallard Duck Notebook

If you like writing and ducks then this mallard duck notebook is perfect for you.

This is a ring bound notebook with on the cover the face of a curious looking male mallard duck.

The duck notebook is 8.2 x 5.7 inch and holds 120 pages and you can choose between ruled or graph paper inside. Besides being a great notebook it also has a document pocket for holding some important documents for you.

A spiral notebook like this is great for school, work or for at home as we always need some paper to write down stuff like homework, shopping list or just your thoughts.

Get your Mallard Duck Notebook

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buy Duck Toilet Paper Holder

Duck Toilet Paper Holder

Mallard Duck Toilet Paper Holder

A toilet tissue holder that looks like a mallard duck is just the answer for a humdrum bathroom.

Standing 21.5inches tall, this duck toilet paper holder is 5 lbs in weight, and is 10 X 11 inches round , made of ‘poly resin’.

The head of this duck is emerald green color and the chest is brown with white belly to the underside.

The duck toilet paper holder is also uniquely banded around his ankle so as to give a very life like impression.

There are no rules to how this charming and cheeky duck paper roll dispenser can be used. So dress up the washroom at home or at the cabin with this Mallard Duck Toilet Paper Holder.