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Bunny Feisty Pets Plush

If you would like a fun plush rabbit to cuddle with then this plush bunny could work but be careful as it does have an attitude.

The adorable 8.5 inches tall plush rabbit is cute and great for cuddling and playing with BUT don’t squeeze it behind the ears because it does not like that and then it will show it’s crazy eyes and its teeth.

Yes, this plush bunny is a toy for kids but only for kids that can tame this crazy bunny rabbit and love it even with the attitudeĀ the animal has.

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Cat Feisty Pets Plush

No longer do plush animals look cute and adorable and it all started with this plush cat that is part of the Fiesty Pets series.

The plush cat is an orange cat and looks adorable and cute but then when you lightly squeezes his head his true self comes out and that includes mean looking eyes and sharp teeth.

The plush orange cat is about 8 inches tall and loves to take over your life.

Sure you can play and cuddle with it and it’s good for kids too but be careful about touching its head because the cat’s dark side may show.

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