Frog Coin Purse

Frog Coin Purse wallet like Naruto uses

How about a cute coin purse in the shape of a frog?

This is not just a cute frog wallet no this is also a replica of the coin purse Naruto uses and it is an officiallly licenced Naruto product.

When you open the snap closer you get to see the red inside where you money can live a save life far away from cash registers.

So if you like frogs or Naruto then come see the Naruto Frog Wallet.

Frog iPhone Case

frog iphone 4 case find the shadow

How about this iPhone 4 case?

It looks amazing. The shadow of a frog just like it is stuck inside your iPhone.

This case made by Speck will protect your iPhone from a lot of harm and beating and makes it looks nice to.

Just the shadow of this frog on a green background just like the frog is on the otherside of a fresh green leaf.

I am sure you gone love this case so go check out this Frog iPhone 4 Case.

Frog Hop Hop Skateboard

Frog skateboards with tons of green hop hop frogs

A skateboard with frogs that is fun to own.

As you can see on the picture there are 4 frogs and 3 times the word hop and yes those frogs hop a lot if you let them.

If you don’t like this style of board then don’t worry there are a bunch of boards to choose from and you can even decide if you want wheels or not.

If you like frogs then stop quaking and go order you new Frog Skateboard.