buy Mallard Duck Golf Club Head Cover

Mallard Duck Golf Club Head Cover

Mallard duck golf club head cover

You better be very good at golf to be using mallard duck golf club head covers, they are very noticeable , to say the least.

Made of soft, durable materials, this club cover protects against everyday bashing and banging around and against ultraviolet fading when out on the course.

Each club cover is able to fit most clubs being used on the course these days and have easy off and easy on sock feature to keep your duck top in place when on the club.

Each duck golf club cover is guaranteed for life of the cover which will make choosing these for yourself and for others much more appealing.

So be sure your putts and drives are good, people may chuckle at your adorable duck golf club protecting covers but you are pro and have your swing and your clubs ‘covered’.

Come and have closer look at this Mallard Duck Golf Club Head Cover.

buy Duck T-Shirt

Duck T-Shirt

Such a calming scene on this t-shirt with Mallard ducks floating peacefully on a pond .

The background of this t-shirt is a shallow green water with two bright emerald colored ducks and another speckled duck floating along, the same image is printed on the back of this shirt as well as the front.

Unique in it’s dye process, this shirt will never flake, peel, or crack because of the way the color is embedded into the fibers.

Available in sizes small thru extra large, the micro fiber fabric fits snugly and if you are looking for a more relaxed fit , please order one size larger .

Try to wash this t-shirt in cold water to maintain the image of the duck and the water, and preserve the life of your soon to be favorite t-shirt.

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buy Mallard Duck Wine Bottle Holder

Mallard Duck Wine Bottle Holder

How precious is this realistic mallard duck on his back with a wine bottle in his beak?

He a traditional looking mallard with the emerald green collar, he is balancing a bottle in between his legs as he rests on his back , perhaps floating downstream.

Made out of poly resin, this hand painted bottle holder weighs 2.5 lbs itself so it is well able to hold a standard 750 ml bottle..

This is perfect for duck collector and the mallard bottle holder comes complete with a presentation box but unfortunately no wine!

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Mallard Duck Cufflinks

Mallard duck gold plated cufflinks

How about some cufflinks?

These cufflinks are gold plated and show a picture of a duck.

A male mallard duck is pictured on the cufflink and that makes it the perfect gift for a bird watcher or any other animal minded person. And these cufflinks come in a nice presentation box to make it an even better gift.

Check out these nice Mallard Duck Cufflinks.