buy Dolphin Mirror Wall Clock

Dolphin Mirror Wall Clock

If you need a mirror and a clock then you just have to check out this dolphin wall clock that is also a mirror.

The clock is shaped like a dolphin and is completely a mirror with on it the numbers of the hours and the hands of the clock.

You can get this dolphin mirror clock in different sizes so that it fit perfectly into your home on the spot you want it to be.

The diving dolphin is ready to show you how you look in the morning and what time it is.

So add a dolphin to your life and you will never be late again and always look amazing.

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buy Elephant Shaped Mirror

Elephant Shaped Mirror

Just imagine having an elephant mirror and with that I mean a mirror shaped like an elephant. A mirror like that makes for a perfect wall piece that people will notice.

And now you can get elephant 3mm thick shatterproof acrylic safety mirror.

And these elephants don’t come in just one size no there are many sizes available from 60 x 45 cm all the way to 12 x 9 cm and then we are talking about one piece a set. But if you want more and smaller then you can get a 10 pack that has 4 x3 cm elephants in them.

So if you would like you could make a whole heard of elephants in your home.

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