buy Poodle iPhone 8 Case

Poodle iPhone 8 Case

If you like dogs and want a case for your phone then you should check out this poodle iPhone 8 case.

The case will protect your phone and has a picture of a poodle on the back and this fun dog has a red sweater on so that it does not get cold. And the dog even sticks out one the sides and is also sticking out of the back which makes it all look really fun.

And you can put this dog phone case on the iPhone 8 and 7 and maybe even earlier models and keeps ports, and buttons available for use.

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buy Pink Poodle Backpack

Pink Poodle Backpack

Do you love poodles? Here is the backpack for you – it is perfect!

This durable, and fashionable woven fabric drawstring bag, made out of 100% polyester, has a wonderfully minimalistic, yet highly functional design.

On the front and back of this simple backpack, is a gorgeous stylistic coloured sketch of an elegant pink poodle, in mid-stride, wearing a gem-studded collar. It’s bright pink hue, including the alternating stripes in the background of it, are sure to catch people’s eye in the best way!

This bag features sturdy, high-quality metal grommets. The soft wide drawstring that goes through them makes for a comfortable strap to wear across your shoulders. Dimensions of this bag are Width 38 cm x Height 49.5 cm. and it is great for porting activewear, electronics or other useful items to the mall, to work, to the gym or otherwise out and about! So convenient and fun!

A lovely sketched print of an elegant French poodle, on this high-fashion, high-function bag – makes this purchase a must!

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buy Poodle Merry Christmas T-Shirt

Poodle Merry Christmas T-Shirt

Now there is a poodle Merry Christmas t-shirt for all the dog lovers that like a fun shirt for the holidays.

On the black t-shirt you can see small snowflakes in the background and in front of that a big poodle and the dog is wearing a Santa hat and a red collar to be all festive and to make it all complete they put the text “Merry Christmas” on top of it all.

You can get this t-shirt in men’s sizes Small – 5XL and it is made from 100% cotton.

And sure the poodle t-shirt is a men’s shirt but that does not mean that it would not look amazing on women.

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buy Women’s Poodle Pajama

Women’s Poodle Pajama

If you like dogs and sleeping then you should check out this women’s poodle pajama.

The sleep set is made from 100% cotton and comes in women’s sizes 4 -14.

The pajama pants are pink and are covered in hearts and then there is the top and that is a light colored tank top with on it a poodle that is wearing a hat and below the dog it says “Ooh La La!” and that almost makes it French.

It is just a fun pajama that is great for sleeping and just lounging around at home when you have a day off so if you like dogs and look fun then you need this.

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buy Poodle Mom T-Shirt

Poodle Mom T-Shirt

Calling all poodle moms! Calling all friends of poodle moms! Your ideal t-shirt has arrived.

How cute is that? We’ve had soccer moms, and hockey moms, and guess what, we can now herald the age of the poodle mom! Featuring the chic silhouette of the most fashionable dog, this t-shirt comes in a wide assortment of colours to fit any ladies wardrobe.

The word poodle is written in bright pink block letters, with the word mom scripted in dark cursive writing beneath. Does it mean that you are somewhat of a princess? Does it mean you might be somewhat high maintenance? Only poodle mom’s know, and this playful t-shirt will be a great addition to your spring and summer tops, for casual times when you want to be relaxed and enjoy life.

Available in sizes Small – 2 XL in a wide array of colours this shirt is waiting for a good owner!

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buy Warning Standard Poodle Sign

Warning Standard Poodle Sign

Warning Standard Poodle Sign

Does your poodle love to guard your yard? Then this sign is perfect for you or any dog lover.

This dog sign features the silhouette of a poodle and says “Warning. Area Patrolled by Standard Poodle Security Co.” It would look great inside or out.

This Warning dog sign measures 10 inches by 10 inches and is made from top grade PVC plastic and quality long lasting ink. It can be used for over 5 years outside and will not rust or fade and can be mounted easily with  the two predrilled holes.

Show off your  love of your dog with this Warning Standard Poodle Sign.

buy Pink Poodle Clothing Patch

Pink Poodle Clothing Patch

Pink Poodle Clothing Patch

Now you can make your favorite clothing even better with this poodle clothing patch.

This cute dog patch is white with pink and can easily be sewn on you clothing.

T-shirt, pants, jacket, hat or backpacks can easily be converted into a Poodle item.

The clothing patch is 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 inch and will look stunning on your belongings.

So don’t wait come check out this Poodle Clothing Patch.

Poodles Salt & Pepper Shaker

poodles salt & Pepper shaker set

Do you like dogs and salt and pepper?

If you do then you are in luck with this salt & pepper shaker set in the shape of poodles.

It looks like these two poodles are kissing and maybe they are but the thing that keeps them together is a little magnet. You can easily take any of the two poodles and use there salt or pepper and place it back and they will be looking like this again.

These two dogs are just meant to kiss and supply you with salt and pepper.

You just have to come and check out this Poodles Salt & Pepper Shaker Set.