Green Rabbit Earrings

Green Rhinestone rabbit earrings

If you like crystals and rabbits then you are in luck.

These cute bunny earrings have a lot of rhinestones on them so they will sparkle nicely in the light.
The white and green crystals make the rabbit really come to life.

If you are thinking of giving yourself a nice little present then have a look at these.

Sprakle the night away with these Rabbit Rhinestone Earrings.

Love Bunny Necklace

Mark Poulin Love Bunny charm necklace

How about a bunny necklace?

This makes a perfect gift to a loved one or for yourself.

A love bunny necklace with a rabbit charm made out of sterling silver. This beautifull pendant is made by Mark Poulin and comes with a nylon steel coverd cord with sterling silver clasp.

This rabbit will make people smile and isn’t it great to bring some smiles to this world.

Come have a closer look at this Love Bunny Necklace.

Rabbit Face Mousepad

rabbit face mousepad

A mousepad needs to be replaced by a new fun one every so often.

And now could be the time to go for a nice new rabbit mousepad.

This white mousepad looks really clean and has only a black and white print of the top of the rabbits head on it.

His big ears sticking up and he is watching you through those rabbit eyes.

Now is the time to check out this Rabbit Face Mousepad.

Baby Bunny Keychain

baby rabbit keychain

This super cute bunny baby want to live with you.

And it is a keychain so if you like a baby rabbit to be part of your life then use it to hang you keys on or maybe just to decorate a bag or to use as a zipper pull.

This is a rubber keychain so it will keep nice for a long while wihout having to worry about getting the paint of.

You just have to see the cute Baby Rabbit Keychain.

Rabbit Address Labels

Rabbit address labels

Address labels are so handy to have because now you don’t have to write you address so often any more. Great for mail or to tag you belongings.

These address labels have a picture of a rabbit. The manufacturar says a Ducth breed and I can say that this could be true as when I was a little boy in Holland (yes I am originally Ducth) I had a rabbit just like this.

You can have 4 lines of text on the labels and they come in a set of 132 or 264 labels so you will have enough to get all your mail addressed quickly.

Go check out these nice Rabbit Address Labels.

Rabbit Flash Drive

USB flash drive in the shape off a Rabbit

The time that everybody had boring flash drives is over. Now you can get them in almost any shape.

And Stuff with Animals found one in  the shape of a rabbit.

This flash drive comes in sizes 2GB and up so just select the size you want and off you go.

And this supplier even ships for free worldwide so no worries just enjoy your rabbit when you get it.

Bunny hop forward and get your Rabbit USB Flash Drive.