buy 5 Cute Animal 8GB Flash Drives

5 Cute Animal 8GB Flash Drives

If you need to store your data then come check out these 5 Cute Animal 8GB Flash Drives.

This is a pack of 5 USB flash drives and all are animals. There are two different owls, bee, penguin, and a red fox and each thumb drive is 8GB.

A fun animal USB drive is great for kids homework, the office and at home.

And each drive is encased by the animal and that means that the USB connector is protected when not in use.

Each pack has 5 drives and that makes them great as presents too for anyone that likes animals and has way to much data to store.

Get your 5 Cute Animal 8GB Flash Drives

buy Ladybug USB Flash Drive

Ladybug USB Flash Drive

If you want a USB flash drive that is different and more personal to you then check out this ladybug USB flash drive.

You can get this USB flash drives in many sizes from 8 – 128 GB and you can pick for USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 and you can even pick the color of the drive.

On the metal cover, you can find a cute red ladybug with many black spots.

A drive like this is better than the once you buy in the store because now you can see what is your drive because it looks so different than all the others and it looks more fun too.

Get your Ladybug USB Flash Drive

buy Green Frog USB Flash Drive

Green Frog USB Flash Drive

When you want to file transfer on the go, this beautiful green graphic frog flash drive is just the thing! It comes in different storage sizes to suit your needs and plugs in simple as apple pie to any USB port.

Just swivel open the connection side and pop it into your port, and you are ready to file swap, save or load. And the little amphibian represented on this piece of portable hardware is too adorable for words.

Showcase your personal style with something that is unique, cute and suited for you, and your “on the go” life style! Magic will work every time this item “kisses” your laptop or desktop, and you never have to worry about missing out on data grabs or back ups again!

360 degree swivel protects the device and makes the connection easy on the fly. The top part of the drive attaches easily to a key-chain for simple keeping. Two tone colour available in ten different hues. Add a splash of fun to your data “ponds” and keep it simple and safe on your keychain, in your watch pocket or in your desk drawer!

Get your Green Frog USB Flash Drive

buy Ladybug USB Flash Drive

Ladybug USB Flash Drive

Stop using those boring flash drives that all look the same and get mixed up and replace it with something fun and personal.

This flash drive is made from maple wood and has a ladybug print on the front and back and it also has a red banner with your name on it. So now everyone will know where to return the flash drive too.

And you can get this ladybug flash drive in many sizes from 8GB – 64GB and in USB 2.0 or 3.0 so that you can get the drive you really want.

Get your Ladybug USB Flash Drive

buy Penguin USB Flash Drive

Penguin USB Flash Drive

Penguin Shaped USB Flash Drive

Get a USB flash drive that looks different so that you can easily spot it and just is way more fun.

This flash drive is shaped like a penguin and is just super cute.

And then when you pull the head of the animal then you find the USB connector that gives you access to the storage space. Now you can store your music, movies and other files on a penguin.

And the penguin also has a little chain loop so that you can hing it on your key chain for instance.

So if you need a new flash drive then comes and get your Penguin Shaped USB Flash Drive.

buy Polar Bear USB Flash Drive

Polar Bear USB Flash Drive

Polar Bear Woden USB Flash Drive

If you are looking for a USB flash drive that look amazing and comes in the size you want then this could be the one.

This USB flash drive is made from maple yes it’s wood and on the wood you can see the image on the head of a polar bear and this bear can be found on both sides of the memory stick.

Just pull one end off to get the USB connector and the cover aligns perfectly and is hold in place by magnets.

And this polar bear flash drive is available in a USB 2 or 3 version in sizes 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB.

Forget about those boring black flash drives make it look nice with this Woden Polar Bear Flash Drive.

buy Clownfish USB Flash Drive

Clownfish USB Flash Drive

Clownfish USB Flash Drive


No more plain boring usb flash drives to stores your data on.

If you like clownfish then you should look at this flash drive.

This usb drive looks like one of this orange clownfish the once that are like Nemo from the movie Finding Nemo.
And now you can store you computer files on this cute fish.

The clownfish flash drive comes in different capacities so that you get the one that is the right size for your computer needs.

You get to the usb plug by removing the front from the back of the fish and the back part is where the data is stored and that comes with a loop so that you can connect it to a key chain or bag.

Star fishing for more backup space and lets store you files on this Clownfish USB Flash Drive.

buy Polar Bear USB Flash Drive

Polar Bear USB Flash Drive

Polar Bear USB Flash Drive

Flash storage is an amazing way to carry around you data in a safe way.
But why are all those thumb drives so boring?

If you like polar bears then you are in luck as now you can have a USB flash drive in the shape of a polar bear.

The drive has 16GB of storage space and the USB connector is easy to reach by pulling the front and the back of the bear apart.

Have a amazing animal standing on your desk while keeping an eye on your computer data.

Check out this Polar Bear 16GB Flash Drive.

Bear USB Flash Drive

cute bear usb thumb drive

If you collect bear items then this fun bear USB flsh drive will be a great addition to your bear collection.

This purple bear has a head that you can remove and then it shows the USB connector that you can then use with your computer to store all kind of files on. Maybe a great place to store the bear pictures you have.

And no matter how you treath this bear he will keep smiling. Yes even when you pull his head off.

Ready to start storing data on your own Purple Bear Flash Drive.

Sea Turtle Flash Drive

Sea turtle USB flash drive

How about a new flash drive to store you data on.

You school work, fun files and maybe even work files will be all safe on this turtle shaped USB flash drive.

And this flash drive is not as slow as a turtle so don’t worry about that. This is a USB 2.0 flash drive and will be fast in storing your files.

You just have to come see this cute Sea Turtle Flash Drive.