buy Green Frog USB Flash Drive

Green Frog USB Flash Drive

Green Frog USB Flash Drive

When you want to file transfer on the go, this beautiful green graphic frog flash drive is just the thing! It comes in different storage sizes to suit your needs and plugs in simple as apple pie to any USB port.

Just swivel open the connection side and pop it into your port, and you are ready to file swap, save or load. And the little amphibian represented on this piece of portable hardware is too adorable for words.

Showcase your personal style with something that is unique, cute and suited for you, and your “on the go” life style! Magic will work every time this item “kisses” your laptop or desktop, and you never have to worry about missing out on data grabs or back ups again!

360 degree swivel protects the device and makes the connection easy on the fly. The top part of the drive attaches easily to a key-chain for simple keeping. Two tone colour available in ten different hues. Add a splash of fun to your data “ponds” and keep it simple and safe on your keychain, in your watch pocket or in your desk drawer!

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