buy Dog Wearing Clothes iPhone Case

Dog Wearing Clothes iPhone Case

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Okay, you have an awesome, highest quality smartphone, but why does it look like everyone else’s?

Because you, a big animal lover we all know, haven’t stamped it with your own personality and charm yet. This is what this all too awesome canine in a shirt and vest iPhone case will do! It is very durable and will protect your valuable and sensitive hardware, all the while fashionable and stylish with an image that is bright with beautiful sharp colours!

Just look at this guy, shaggy dog with extreme character and cool, as laid back as you want to be! As cool and funny as you want to be! Snap it on and share smiles wherever you go! You only live once so express yourself!

It makes a fantastic gift for your family, friends or your wonderful self! Order one that matches the model of your great apple product. How cool is that doggy on the iPhone? The one with the shirt and vest is for sale!

Slim and tough it protects your phone better than a guard dog! You hear me? No house training required for this loyal pet.

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