buy 5 Cute Animal 8GB Flash Drives

5 Cute Animal 8GB Flash Drives

If you need to store your data then come check out theseĀ 5 Cute Animal 8GB Flash Drives.

This is a pack of 5 USB flash drives and all are animals. There are two different owls, bee, penguin, and a red fox and each thumb drive is 8GB.

A fun animal USB drive is great for kids homework, the office and at home.

And each drive is encased by the animal and that means that the USB connector is protected when not in use.

Each pack has 5 drives and that makes them great as presents too for anyone that likes animals and has way to much data to store.

Get your 5 Cute Animal 8GB Flash Drives

buy Clownfish USB Flash Drive

Clownfish USB Flash Drive

Clownfish USB Flash Drive


No more plain boring usb flash drives to stores your data on.

If you like clownfish then you should look at this flash drive.

This usb drive looks like one of this orange clownfish the once that are like Nemo from the movie Finding Nemo.
And now you can store you computer files on this cute fish.

The clownfish flash drive comes in different capacities so that you get the one that is the right size for your computer needs.

You get to the usb plug by removing the front from the back of the fish and the back part is where the data is stored and that comes with a loop so that you can connect it to a key chain or bag.

Star fishing for more backup space and lets store you files on thisĀ Clownfish USB Flash Drive.

Panda Shaped USB Drink Warmer

Panda Shaped USB Drink Warmer

So you have sat down at the computer, your doing some work and next thing you know your wonderful hot beverage is cold! This can happen easily, so this is a great solution.

A panda shaped USB drink warmer, because everybody loves the look af a super cute panda bear. This is pefect for at home or at the office, it features an on/off switch with an indicator light and will keep your beverage of choice at a perfect drinking temperature.

Get your Panda Shaped USB Drink Warmer.