buy Bunny Rabbit Tape Dispenser

Bunny Rabbit Tape Dispenser

Now there is this bunny tape dispenser that not only looks like a rabbit but is also great at dispensing tape.

You can get this tape dispenser in white or black and both look like a rabbit sitting up with its ears just straight up to and in between its front paws you will find the tape which comes from within its body.

The bunny is about 7 inches tall and would look great on your desk at home and at the office.

No more boring tape dispensers and loose lying tape thanks to this rabbit tape dispenser.

Get your Bunny Rabbit Tape Dispenser

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buy White Dog Tape Dispenser

White Dog Tape Dispenser

This dog tape dispenser is what you need!

No more boring plain tape dispensers because this tape dispenser looks like a dog and it’s food bowl.

The tape dispenser from Scotch shows a big white dog and the tape come out of it’s mouth and the rip of part is placed in his red food bowl that says “Scotch” on the side.

Home office or for work this dog tape dispenser is just what you need to keep smiling even if it is a long day at work.

If you like dogs then this will make you smile. This dog tape dispenser also makes for a great present.

Get your White Dog Tape Dispenser

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buy Otter Tape Dispenser

Otter Tape Dispenser

Cute otter tape dispenser

If you need a tape dispenser but don’t want a boring one then you have to check out this one.

This tape dispenser looks like an otter and we know those photo’s of an otter swimming on it’s back while he has food on his belly. This otter is holding a role of tape instead of food.

It’s a super cute way to make you desk more personal and this tape dispenser works just as well as all the boring one.

So now you home or office can have their own otter to keep them company while working.

Get the tape ready to be stored in this Otter Tape Dispenser.

buy Frog Tape Dispenser

Frog Tape Dispenser

Frog Tape Dispenser

It’s time to do some arts and crafts …. and if you love to do this then everything you have is an art and craft in itself.

this is a super cool tape dispenser that is the shape of a cute frog, with great color and detail the tape rests inside the back of the frog and the tape cutter is on the end of the frogs toungue which is sticking out nice and far.

A fun practical item that will get smiles every time and will look great at home or in the office, measures 3-inches x 5-inches x 2-1/2-inches.

Get sticky with the Frog Tape Dispenser.

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