buy Blue Hedgehog Tape

Blue Hedgehog Tape

Hedgehog’s are so cute that you would like to have them on everything.

And now there is this blue tape that makes that possible.

On this blue tape you can see a hedgehog like it is walking around.

The hedgehog tape is Japanese Washi tape and is mad in Japan.

The blue tape is 15mm wide and 10 meters long so that you have plenty of tape to decorate what ever you want.

And the hedgehog tape will leave no residue if you ever want to remove it.

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buy Owl Printed Duck Tape

Owl Printed Duck Tape

Owl duck tape

Move over grey duck tape and make room in that draw for this new cool retro owl duck tape.

Fix all your problems around the house in style with the colorful owl duck tape.

This unique bird duck tape and little cute colorful retro style owls sitting on tree branches with a purple background covering the whole roll.

Every roll of this owl duck tape is 1.88 inches by 10 yards long and is waterproof. Lots of tape to help you with all your fixer uppers around the house.

You can even get creative with the retro owl duck tape and have a fun day of crafts with the kids.

Start covering up your broken things with this Retro Owl Printed Duck Tape.

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buy Peacock Feathers Duck Tape

Peacock Feathers Duck Tape

Peacock Feathers Duct Tape

Duck tape can be used to fix so many problems, so why not use a special duck tape that has character and will make tape cover ups look awesome and fun.

This roll of tape features a design all over it of peacock feathers with the amazing blend of colors that can be found in the plumage of a male peacock, this is also made by Duck Tape which is a company known to make a high quality product.

Each roll of this peacock duck tape measures 1.88 inches wide and is 10 yards long, this peacock feathers tape will also be very easy to tear and keep in mind it is just as strong and adhesive as regular gray or black duck tape ……. just with a little style and pizazz.

Have a little fun with the Peacock Feathers Duck Tape.

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buy Butterfly Printed Duct Tape

Butterfly Printed Duct Tape

Butterfly design Duck Tape

Put aside your dull boring old grey duck tape, because this colorful butterfly duck tape will add extra style to all your fixer uppers around the house.

This stylish duck tape is white and features lots of colorful butterfly’s surrounding every inch of the roll.

This butterfly tape 1.88 inches wide and 10 yards long. You will be able to do lots with this big roll of duck tape.

Duck tape is strong and durable for fixing up things in your house. You can even be creative and make it fun for the kids by making crafty things like pictures frames, covering headbands or even shoes.

Be creative with your on roll of Butterfly Printed Duck Tape.

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buy Penguin Duck Tape

Penguin Duck Tape

Penguin Duck Tape

The famous Duck Tape can be used for fixing almost anything but most time it is that boring grey tape.

Not any more now you can have Duck Tape that is light blue and is covered with pictures of penguins.
The fun penguin is put on this tape in all kind of angels and that makes this tape perfect for all kind of things.

Maybe you can use some penguin tape to decorate your books or maybe fix you backpack. Duck tape is versatile so you could also use it to fix a leaky pipe.

This penguin Duck Tape is 1.88 inch wide and 10 yards long so plenty of tape to get you going.

Lets have fun and fix and decorate with this Penguin Duck Tape.

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buy Leopard Print Duck Tape

Leopard Print Duck Tape

Spotted Leopard Print Duct Tape

Duck tape can be used for almost anything from fixing leaking pipe to closing a box.

Tape is great to make things look different and now you can make anything that can take some tape look like a leopard print.

Now you can have a leopard print wallet, bag, fridge, books, bike and that are just a couple of things that came to mind.

Strong tape like duck tape can be stuck to almost anything and that makes it possible to make anything look like a leopard.

So if you want to make things like leopards then you need this Leopard Print Duck Tape.

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buy Zebra Print Duck Tape

Zebra Print Duck Tape

Zebra Print Duck Tape

Why get boring grey Duck tape when you can have it with animal prints on it?

This roll of Duck tape has a Zebra print so now you can decorate you belonging Zebra style.
And we all know Duck tape can fix almost anything and that also is the case with this zebra Duck tape.

The zebra print Duck tape is 1.88 inch x 10 yards and that gives you a lot of tape to use.

Just start decorating books, doors, clothes, cars and what ever else you can lay your hands on.

Lets not wait any longer come and get your roll of Zebra Print Duck Tape.