buy Turtle Christmas Tree Skirt

Turtle Christmas Tree Skirt

Turtle Christmas Tree Skirt

Well, there was a “Buddhist karma chameleon”, which Boy George described from a dream in it’s eponymous song as “Red, Gold, and Green”, and then there is this beautiful “Christian turtle tree skirt” for Christmas, which comes in snowier as “Red, White and Green”. There has been word that the Culture Club is working on a song called Christian Turtle Skirt, which is reported to be even catchier than George’s prior hit!!

But seriously, and to be clear, how long have you pined for the most perfect and eclectic tree skirt to place under your Christmas tree? You know you love turtles! They are green, wise, conservative with their green energy, and now can be represented fully on this gorgeous red background tree skirt, which features beautiful white snowflakes and sprawling cute tortoises!

Does it make sense? From a position of sweet originality and animal loving warmth, the logic is sound!

Let’s face it, tree stands can be ugly and take away from the joy that a beautiful tree brings. Dress your Christmas centre piece up with this must have unique item which will be a wonderful place to put your presents on top of! Machine washable brushed polyester, it’s 44″ in diameter and fits most trees. Made in the USA with an easy closure, no straps or fussy ties.

Turtle your tree with snowflakes and green friends – warm up your home for family and good friends. Better than box of Turtles under the tree – don this skirt for your evergreen!

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