buy Moose Coaster Set

Moose Coaster Set

No more drink rings on the table because you can get this Moose Coaster Set to help prevent that.

At home or the cabin this coaster set includes 4 stoneware coasters that have a fun painted design on top.

On the coasters you can find a old looking moose just lying around as if it is enjoying your conversations while you are having a drink.

Just keep these coasters handy and you will be always ready help prevent those dirty marks on the coffee table while making you table look more fun as there is a moose on each coaster in the set of 4.

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buy Stone Peacock Coaster

Stone Peacock Coaster

Now you can get this amazing looking Stone Peacock Coaster.

The coaster is made from stone and you can pick between marble, sandstone, travertine, and limestone and all have a cork back so that it would not scratch your table.

On the stone coaster there is a nice teal look with a peacock on top the stone color with the teal and the bird really looks amazing and is great for putting your cups or glasses on so that there won’t be any marks on your tables any more and all that while looking amazing.

Having a couple peacock coasters on your table ready for the guests to use is what every home needs.

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buy Peacock Feather Coaster Set

Peacock Feather Coaster Set

Now there is this Peacock Feather Coaster Set that will look great on your table.

The coasters are 3.5 x 3.5 inches and made from recycled rubber and they are easy to clean.

On the coasters you can see a nice peacock feather with a blue edge around it.

So now you can have the peacock coasters on your table and put you mugs and glasses on it and that way there will no longer be marks on your table when you have guests over.

The coaster set includes 4 coasters so you are all set for hanging out with friends and having something to drink.

Get your Peacock Feather Coaster Set

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buy Sloth Cork Coaster Set

Sloth Cork Coaster Set

So unique and cool for lovers of sloths – a cork coaster set of four, adorned on the top with portraits of the leisurely sloth – ready to keep your tables clean from condensation and drink spillage. These eco-friendly cork drink coasters are extremely absorbent yet however they dry very fast.

The key to having someone use something is to make things fun. This outrageous (portrait of a) fur covered sloth in a t-shirt, complete with his blank yet somehow engaging stare, depicted on top of these highly functional coasters will do the trick! No more warm wet circles left of tables or counters from highballs or bevy cans! This friendly creature, known to be slow, is a trick for the quick to protect and serve home hosts and hostesses alike.

Perfectly sized at 4″ x 4″ x 1/8″ – the party will keep rolling while these masters of the most unassuming deadly sins are out – make no mistake – things will be cleaned up in a flash!

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buy Black Bear Coaster Set

Black Bear Coaster Set

Black Bear Coaster Set

Dirty marks on the table from the drinking glasses are no fun.
And that is why you should have a look at some fun coasters.

These coaster have black bears on them and it looks like they are pieces of wood and they comes with a little storage place to.

Of course with cute bears everyone wants to have a drink so that they can use the coasters.

These coasters come in a set of 4 with each a different bear on them. They are made from poly-resin making them strong and easy to clean.

Get ready to party with this set of Black Bear Coasters.

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Wood Duck Coaster Set

Stone duck coasters

Protect your furniture when serving beverages with the lovely 4 pack of stone duck coaster.

Each coaster has a picture of a wood duck in it’s natural setting.

These unique moisture absorbant stone wood duck coaster have an inspirarational quote to enhance the presentation .

This attractively packaged of 4 duck coaster could make a great gift.

So now is the time to get your own Wood Duck Coaster Set.