buy Personalized Dachshund Doormat

Personalized Dachshund Doormat

If dogs and special dachshunds are something you like then this doormat could be perfect for you.

On this doormat you can see a fun background pattern and on that you find a silhouette of a dachshund and in the dog it says your name. Yes this doormat will be personalized with the name you want making it so much cuter in front of your door.

The dog doormat comes in two sizes 18 x 24 or 24 x 36 and is great for indoor and  can be used outdoors to but in that case make sure it is in a covered area.

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buy Dachshund Bookends

Dachshund Bookends

If you like dogs and books then these bookends would be something perfect for you.

The bookends are a set of two and the front shows the front half of a dachshund and the other half shows the back of the dog. The bookends have wooden brown base and the dog is made from white resin and that just looks great together.

And the more books you put between the bookends the longer the dachshund will look and that of course is funny to see how this doggy can grow in length.

Fun bookends like this will make you so much happier as no longer all those books will be falling over.

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buy Dachshund Super Long Scarf

Dachshund Super Long Scarf

This scarf is perfect for people that like dachshunds and long scarfs.

The scarf is made from 100% acrylic and is nice and thick. The scarf is a light brown and on that yo can find and image of a dachshund that start at the front going all the way to the end and as this scarf is 77 inch long the dog is really long.

A winter scarf like this will get some attention I think but hey it is super cute almost as cute as the dog itself and that deservers a bit of attention I think.

So don’t  get cold out wear a nice long scarf this winter to keep you warm.

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buy Dachshund Wiener Wonderland Christmas Sweater

Dachshund Wiener Wonderland Christmas Sweater

We all love the holiday season Christmas, some take it pretty serious and even dress their pets up like these cute dachshund hounds dogs.

On the front of this sweater you will see four dachshund hounds each dressed up for Christmas, one is wearing a Santa suit and hat, another dressed as an elf and the other two are a boy and girl dog. Also find the saying of “WIENER WONDERLAND” along with the rest of the light green torso of the sweater having white snowflakes front and back. The sleeves are a striped pattern of light blue and soft pink giving the entire sweater somewhat of an ugly Christmas sweater look with a fun saying.

Made to be durable and comfortable the dachshund sweater is available in a wide selection of women’s sizes that range from Small to 2XL and will be perfect for that holiday party.

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buy Little Wooden Pull Dachshund Necklace

Little Wooden Pull Dachshund Necklace

If you are a fan of dogs and even retro toy dogs, then you might have an affinity to this necklace.

The necklace has a gold colored chain that hangs on to a cute little dachshund puppy. One end of the chain is attached to his nose and the other end is attached to his tail. He has two red wheels and a little white bone hanging from his mouth. His body is a light brown wood color and his little moving ear is a dark brown.

This necklace has a chain that measures approximately 20 inches in length and the pendant of the dog measures 2 inches by 1.25 inches. It is made of wood, metal and plastic. The body of the dachshund is made of wood. The wheels, bone and his ear are made of plastic. The necklace, rings and the pins are made of metal.

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buy Dachshund Mug

Dachshund Mug

If long dogs with tiny legs are you kind of animal then you are gone love this dachshund mug.

This is a ceramic mug with on it a picture of a dachshund but the head is the handle of the mug making this unique and really neat.

On the side where the dog is not on the mug you will find it’s name “Dachshund”.

Any dog lover is gone like a mug like this but it will be even more special for people that already have a dachshund.

A dog coffee mug is perfect as a gift to as it so special.

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buy Dachshund Pillow Case Set

Dachshund Pillow Case Set

Dachshund Pillow Case Set

Hot Diggity Dog! You are a fan of the Dachshund dog, and now you can get a beautifully rendered pillow case set expressing this! The quality is brilliant on these hand printed shams, and the Weiner dog outline is stretched between the two.. a really great effect!

These hound centric pillow shams are 100% cotton, made in the USA, and each measure 29 x 21 inches. Easy to take care of with machine wash!

Your love is no sham, but the sham shows your love!

Pick up your Weiner Dog Pillowcase Set.

buy Dachshund Toaster

Dachshund Toaster

Toast some bread with this Dachshund Toaster

If you like dachshund and toast then this is what you need.

This looks just like any other toaster that makes nicely toasted bread but it has an extra fun addition.

Each slice coming from this toaster will have a picture of a dachshund burned into it. So now every piece of toast you eat can have a dog on it.

This two slice toaster is black and has a picture of a dachshund on it just like the one that will be burned into the bread.

Why get a regular toaster when you can have one that makes dachshund toast?

So just come and order your own Dachshund Toaster.

buy Dachshund Through The Snow T-Shirt

Dachshund Through The Snow T-Shirt

Dachshund Through The Snow T-Shirt

If you love the dog breed of dachshund and the holiday season of Christmas then this is a great t-shirt to show off for both.

On the front of this t-shirt you will see the black silhouette of a dachshund with a little twist, the dog has a red nose just like rudolph the red nosed reindeer and a set of antlers. The saying along with this image is “Dachshund Through The Snow”, what a great and fun play on words.

Made from 100% cotton giving you a durable and comfortable t-shirt this is a women’s fitted shirt that hugs to the body, it is available in sizes that range from Small to 3XL.

Get in the Holiday spirit with the Dachshund Through The Snow T-Shirt.

buy Dachshund Christmas Sweater

Dachshund Christmas Sweater

dachshund Christmas sweater

Looking for the perfect ugly Christmas sweater with a dachshund on it?

You came to the right place as this sweater would be perfect for you.

This black adult sized sweater shows a cute picture of a dog wrapped in Christmas lights and wearing a Santa hat. This could be so a real dachshund being entangled in the Christmas decorations in your home.

The sweater has a standard adults fit and comes in sizes Small – 2XL and of course it will be a hit because it has a cute dog on it and everyone loves cute dogs specially when they wear Christmas hats.

Come take a closer look at this Dachshund Christmas Sweater.