buy Mandrill Realistic Face T-Shirt

Mandrill Realistic Face T-Shirt

Madrill Baboon Realistic Face T-Shirt

The unique look of a mandrill gives it character, why not show off your love for this amazing monkey.

Featured on the front of this t-shirt is the face of a mandrill, it is a realistic image with the vibrant blue and pink snout, slightly fuzzy white beard and yellow eyes. Every little detail is screen printed on to make it look like this monkey is really on your shirt.

Made by the awesome company The Mountain you are ensured to get quality, the mandrill t-shirt is available in sizes that range from Small to 5XL and is 100% cotton.

Show off with The Mountain Mandrill Realistic Face T-Shirt.

buy Monkey Costume for Children

Monkey Costume for Children

Monkey Costume for Children

Is your child a little monkey? Then dress them up as one for Halloween, costume party or for every day dress-up.

Be careful though, there might be even more monkeying around when your child wears this monkey suit.

This dark brown and beige fleece loose fitting jumpsuit closes with Velcro at the back and has elastic at the ankles and rib knit wrist cuffs. The hood with little ears fastens with Velcro and the shoe covers have knit ankle cuffs and elastic under the foot. This outfit come in children’s sizes XS – XL.

Have your cute little primate grab a banana and do a monkey dance around the house.

Jump up and grab this Monkey Costume for Children.

buy Monkey Face Bib

Monkey Face Bib

Monkey Face Bib

Feeding time is a big like hanging out with a monkey with food going all over the place.

A nice bib will at least help to keep the baby clean and this bib is specially made for the messy feeding time.

This bib is brown and has a monkey face on it making it really cute and I am sure that most babies will love the look of this bib.

This monkey bib will fit most babies from 0 – 36 months and can be washed in the machine and even put in the dryer so that you can clean it easily.

Let get ready for dinner time with this Monkey Face Baby Bib.

buy Mad Looking Gorilla Face T-Shirt

Mad Looking Gorilla Face T-Shirt

Mad Looking Gorilla Face T-Shirt

This t-shirt shows a big picture of the face of a gorilla and the monkey doesn’t seem to be happy.

This gorilla t-shirt come in a bunch of styles for men, women and kids and that means many sizes to. And this monkey shirt even comes in a whole bunch of different colors but my favorite is the black just like on the picture above.

I don’t know if the gorilla is mad or maybe surprised or maybe even scared. It’s up to you to decide what the monkey is thinking.

Lets give this monkey a new home so come and get your Mad Looking Gorilla Face T-Shirt.

buy Monkey Kids Wrist Watch

Monkey Kids Wrist Watch

Monkey Kids Wrist Watch

Even if you kid can’t tell time yet this wrist watch may teach it.

This monkey watch is made for kids ages 5 -12 and they will love the cool monkey watch.

The watch has a strap that is covered with pictures of a monkey and then on the watch face the monkey also peeks his head up. And as this monkey wear sunglasses he just has to be cool and kids like cool monkeys.

This monkey watch has 3 hands so that you can see hours, minutes and seconds.

Lets make a little human happy with their first Monkey Wrist Watch.

buy Monkey Shaped Wall Clock

Monkey Shaped Wall Clock

kids Monkey wall clock

Kids like adults love animals and for a kids room a cute animal would be perfect.

This clock is a cute monkey and is even shaped like one.

So now your kids room can be decorated with a cute monkey.

This clock runs on a single AA battery (not included). The clock is about 11 x 12.5 inch and that makes the perfect size for a kids room.

It doesn’t matter if you have a jungle room or just a cute room that need some animals this clock will make it complete.

Come and check out more details of this Monkey Shaped Wall Clock.

buy 3 Animal Canvas Art Prints

3 Animal Canvas Art Prints

3 Animal Canvas Art Prints


Do you have a kids room to decorate?

If so then you should have a look at this fun set of 3 pieces of art.

These are stretched canvasses with a different animal on each of them.

You can find one with:

  • giraffe
  • monkey
  • elephant

And of course each has the same size of 12 x 12 inch and they are all in the same color and style so that they make the perfect set on one wall.

Teach your kids how fun animals are with these Cute Animal Canvas Set.

Visit The
>> Elephant <<

buy Staring Gorilla Print

Staring Gorilla Print

This would be a great ‘surprise’ kind of poster to hang just where no one is expecting a gorilla to be staring right back at them.

The finish on this photo print is called ‘luster’ and that is perfect to allow the black gorilla color and piercing gold eyes to blaze forward.

Available in 3 sizes, the largest being 30 inches by 20 inches which when posted in the correct spot may shock the socks off someone!

Enjoy the reaction from people when they see this photo print poster of a gorilla as it stares out people, don’t be surprised if THEY are surprised.

Get your Staring Gorilla Print

buy Wild Monkey T-Shirt

Wild Monkey T-Shirt

Yikes, the ape pictured on this t-shirt is either beautiful in it’s natural state or down right scary!

Made from 100% cotton, this t-shirt has the wide open mouth of a gorilla, or baboon, you decide, printed on the back side or the front.

The sizes range from small thur 3 X large with the ape image printed on a slate grey background, very effective to portray a scream in process from a ferocious ape.

This shirt is best washed in cold water and hung to dry to retain both the color and texture of the garment.

Be the first of your group to wear this t-shirt with the screaming monkey on the front, hopefully small children will not run when they see you coming.

Get your Wild Monkey T-Shirt

buy Gorilla Money Bank

Gorilla Money Bank

Gorilla Money Bank

We found you a monkey that loves money.

This gorilla money bank loves to store all your coins and prevent you from spending.

And it’s cute this silverback gorilla made from a solid poly resin. So you know it looks cute and is strong so lets tell you it is 6 x5 x 5 inches.

So if you know or like gorilla’s and need somewhere to store some coins then come see this Gorilla Money Bank.