buy Penguin Night Light

Penguin Night Light

Now there is this adorable Penguin Night Light that kids and adults will like to own.

We know that penguins normally are black and white but this one can change color and you can pick between 9 colors and it even can switch colors automatically.

The penguin light has a build in rechargeable battery so that you can use this night light even if there is no power near and it will run for 12 hours on the battery.

And this penguin is BPA free and works on touch control so just touch it and there is a remote too to make it even easier to control the night light.

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buy Polar Bear Night Light

Polar Bear Night Light

Now there is this adorable Polar Bear Night Light.

Sure you can get a night light that you plug into the wall but that is kinda boring because this polar bear is way cooler as you can place it anywhere as it has a rechargeable battery inside it. And the polar bear does not have to be white as it comes with a remote so that you can change the color and there are 9 to choose from.

And that is not all as you can change the intensity of the light and you can set a timer so that it does not stay on all night long.

This polar bear is kids safe and I am sure they will love it like any toy.

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buy Elephant Head Night Light

Elephant Head Night Light

Elephant Head Night Light

This little elephant night light is just what your baby room needs for the final touch. Soft and cute looking, it is the sweet head of a young elephant, in cool blue colors, perfect for your wee one to acquaint himself with this loyal zoo friend!

Comes complete with on/off switch, just below the curved trunk. Although it looks like it has an elephants mind all to it’s own, the lamp can’t turn itself on or off without you!

Lighten up your life , and see your infant laughing at the funny elephant! Get your bundle of joy a Friendly Elephant Head Night Light.

buy Soothe And Glow Plush Giraffe

Soothe And Glow Plush Giraffe

Fisher-Price Soothe And Glow Plush Giraffe (pink or yellow)

Kids will love this plush giraffe that comes in pink or yellow.

This giraffe from Fisher-Price will help you kid to fall a sleep.

The plush giraffe can play 8 lullaby tunes and has a little light on the front and these can be on for like 15 minutes when they go of so that the kids can sleep. But when it wakes at night then it can just gently squeeze it and this soothe and glow giraffe will do it’s magic again.

Kids of many ages will love this giraffe as it will keep them safe in the dark and helps them fall asleep and yes this plush giraffe is great for cuddling to.

Give you kids a good night sleep with a little help of this Sooth And Glow Plush Giraffe.

buy Personalized Elephant Night Light

Personalized Elephant Night Light

Night lights are a great way to prevent it to get dark and if you are afraid of the dark then a night light is great.

And now you can have a night light that has your name and and elephant on it. The LED night light has a clear piece on top with a cute elephant and above that your name.

Yes this night light will be specially made for you.

And to make this elephant nightlight even more special you can even choose the color of the light. We showed you red above but you can go for green, blue, white, orange, yellow and pink.

When do you turn on a night light? No worries this night light has you covered as it turns it self on or off when it’s needed.

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buy Owl Night Light

Owl Night Light

Owl Night Light

Do you like to lighten up a dark room? Then this adorable owl night light is for you.

This night light has a cute brown owl on a pale pink and white zigzag pattern background. The owl has a dark pink tummy and large dark pink circles around its big blue eyes. It has a bright yellow beak and feet and 3 eyelashes over each eye which make the owl look even more lovable.

This owl night light is 4” x 1.5” x 4.5”and can be used in the US and Canada only. The image is printed on Mylar for durability.

Don’t keep yourself in the dark get this Owl Night Light.

buy Peacock Night Light

Peacock Night Light

Peacock Night Light

It does not matter if you are afraid of the dark or just want a little light for when you have guests because this light is amazing.

This peacock night light will bring light to the dark nights and look stunning at the same time.

The hand painted bird brings the color a great night light needs. A night light like this will bring you enough light to find you ways at night while not bringing to much light to keep you up.

A peacock painted like this just makes you want it as this bird just looks amazing.

Come have a closer look at this Peacock Night Light.

buy Pand Mother And Cub Night Light

Pand Mother And Cub Night Light

Pand Mother And Cub Night Light

Dark nights bring back the need for a night light.

Why get a boring light that looks just like a light when you can have something special like this Panda night light.

The hand painted night light looks like a mother Panda Bear with a cub and when the light is one these two Panda’s really look super cute. And there is even a bamboo leave painted on there so that the Panda’s can eat at night.

Scared of the dark or just looking to light up those dark spots this night light will get the job done and in the mean time look cute to.

Come and have a closer look at this Panda Bear Night Light.

buy Butterfly Night Light

Butterfly Night Light

Butterfly and flower Night Light

Dark nights are not fun for everyone and for those of us who don’t like the dark we found this amazing night light.

This light looks like a yellow flower with a big butterfly sitting on it.

The details and colors of this night light are amazing and as this light is hand painted yours will be as special as mine.

If a butterfly makes you smile then come and see this Butterfly Night Light.

buy Butterfly Baby Slumber Buddy

Butterfly Baby Slumber Buddy

Butterfly night light

Help your baby nod off to dream land with a snuggle butterfly slumber buddy.

This musical bedtime buddy plays 3 assorted lullabyes , two nature sounds and is able to mimic the sound of a heart beat.

The night light emits a star pattern and has a handy 30 minute shut off option.

This particular model is the baby butterfly with a soft pink body, coal black eyes and smile, the wings are sea foam green .

So if you are yearning for a few extra minutes of sleep for yourself, or perhaps your little one is afraid of the dark, project the stars overhead and turn on some tunes and drift off with this Butterfly Slumber Buddy.