buy Bitting Shark Hat

Bitting Shark Hat

Bitting Shark Costume Hat

The perfect solution to any dress up situation that comes your way – shark hat!!

Suddenly have to go to a dress up party, and you don’t have anything ready.. grab this amazing and trusty standby.. a great white shark that is eating your head on this comfortable 100% polyester shark hat! It is guaranteed to get laughs, and people will be jealous of how comfortable you are while bringing the giggles. Wearing this lovely costume hat not interfere with your ability to drive to the party, enjoy beverages, wink playfully at others, or use your cell phone to call for a ride home when needed! Because your beautiful full face remains central and free from obstructing elements, even though Jaws is munching on your lovely head!

Be funny and clever on cue, with this sexy shark costume head piece! The exact opposite of eating sushi.

It’s safe to order your own playful predator and pose as part of it’s food chain, you know who’s really in charge!

Start your beach party now with your very own Sharky Biting Me Head Costume Hat.

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