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Digger The Dog Plush Toy

Digger the dog plush toy for kids

A girl or boy and her/his dog! They can be inseparable. And with the “Stuffies” concept of stuffed animal, they will be loyal protectors of their things! This wonderful friend has 7 secret pockets inside, for keeping your child’s favourite treasures safe and organized!

But don’t take our word for it! This item was the winner of the “National Parenting Center’s 2012 Seal of Approval” as well as “A Parents’ choice Classic, Fun Stuff Award Winner”! It seems this pet project is everyone’s best friend!

This amazing bundle of joy includes a 33 page interactive story book, full of rhymes, puzzles and illustrations that match Digger’s theme!

The stuff able Digger the Dog is super soft and super sized! What is not to love?

Pick this steal up for your family and their friends! Doggie bags to go? It keeps things organized, teaches lessons and provides companionship! Trifecta pet perfection that provides the warm fuzzies! Great as a birthday gift or a “just because I love you” surprise.

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