buy Women’s Panda Bear Shoes

Women’s Panda Bear Shoes

Are you looking for panda shoes? Preferably ones with embroidered bamboo on them? You ARE?? Well, look no further.

Sometimes there is one accessory that will tie an outfit together and complete the look. This Chinese style of adorable, rubber soled panda shoes does this exactly.

Near the toe of the light blue (also available in red) shoes you see two embroidered bears, one sitting panda style, eating chutes and leaves, the other, walking forward in a non threatening manner. The light green embroidery near the heal is that of the stylish bamboo plant, brightly placed, happily accentuating the magical feel of this “easy on and off” footwear.

Non-slip rubber soles will keep you on solid ground whether you are looking cute in the mall, or dancing at your prom. This little number will be a perfect addition to your fashion options, and “plays well” with your existing skirts, pants and shorts.

Get one or two pair of these cotton-blend beauties in the size meant for you and be glad that you made a great purchase. You’ll be happy you grabbed these when you saw them!

Get your Women’s Panda Bear Shoes

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buy Giant Black Bear Wall Decal

Giant Black Bear Wall Decal

Now you can have a black bear wall decal on your wall witch makes you feel closer to nature specially as it is a giant bear.

The wall decal of the black bear is 5.5 feet wide and 4 feet wide and that makes it like life size or close to it and that of course makes this just an unique piece on your wall and the bear brought his own piece of grass to stand on so it’s like almost like real nature on the wall you put him on.

Besides the big bear it also comes with some smaller bear decals that you could use as details to make the room complete.

Get your Giant Black Bear Wall Decal

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buy Straw Bear Cub Purse

Straw Bear Cub Purse

This adorable bear cub/club purse will lock down the cute-factor and accentuate your look with hard to beat definition! It’s simple lines made from straw, and simple bear cub design, are hard to put into words, but will get you all the right kind of attention.

7.75″ x 6.5″ x 3.5″ is just right – and this 100% straw made accessory has a removable strap to turn it into a clutch purse – when the occasion calls for it.

Get quick access to the single interior pocket using the handbag’s single clasp. This perfect item melts hearts, complete with it’s light brown coloured wicker structured head, glossy eyes and flaxen snout – and it is ready to bring you both smiles and functionality.

It’s a simple bear necessity that will mind your phone, cash and effects when you are out looking unstoppably innocent and smart.

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buy Polar Teddy Bear Snowflakes Wrapping Paper

Polar Teddy Bear Snowflakes Wrapping Paper

When you think of the amazing giant polar bear I am sure you will also think of snow, combine these two winter things on some wrapping paper and give someone a gift with this fun duo on it.

This wrapping paper features a nice icy blue background color and white detailed snowflakes all over along with multiple sizes of cute little polar bears that are in the style of a teddy bear.

Available to order in a wide selection of sizes with each roll measuring either 6 feet x 30 inches or 15 feet x 30 inches with the 15 foot roll approximately wrapping 9 shirt sizes boxes. Using vibrant bright colors of print on the highest gloss paper available giving you a durable long lasting wrap that will be great for all your presents.

Get your Polar Teddy Bear Snowflakes Wrapping Paper

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buy Jumbo 8 Foot Stuffed Teddy Bear

Jumbo 8 Foot Stuffed Teddy Bear

Everybody loves a teddy bear to cuddle with and be their secret friend, how about going one step further than a regular teddy bear with this giant 8 foot jumbo plush teddy bear.

This jumbo teddy bear is all light brown and has short soft fur and has detailed paws that are white with dark brown prints along with facial features that make this bear look adorable and friendly.

Made to be very durable and last a long time while also super soft to feel and snuggle with, it measures a total of 8 feet high or 93 inches x 30 inches x 30 inches.

Make somebody very happy in a large way with this classic teddy bear.

Get your Jumbo 8 Foot Stuffed Teddy Bear

buy 2016 Bears Wall Calendar

2016 Bears Wall Calendar

If you like bears and want a nice calendar on your wall then this 2016 bears wall calendar could be perfect for you.

In this calendar you can find all kind of bears like grizzlies, polar bears, black bear, bear cubs and even a white spirit bear. Every month you will be dazzled again by a new photo of a different bear.

Just find the perfect spot on one of your walls and start enjoying this calendar right now.

And ever calendar needs room for these important dates and this calendar has you covered there as well.

Get your 2016 Bears Wall Calendar

buy Hello Bear Shower Curtain

Hello Bear Shower Curtain

We all have to shower but without a good shower curtain that quickly becomes a wet mess.

If you like friendly bears then this bear shower curtain could be perfect for you.

On the shower curtain you can see a picture of a brown bear and he is waving at you with his big paw.

This bear shower curtain is 69 x 70 inch and has 12 stitched enforced eyelet for the shower hooks (not included). Made from 100% softened polyester this shower curtain does not only look great but also gets the job done.

Get your Hello Bear Shower Curtain

buy Grizzly Bear Wrapping Paper

Grizzly Bear Wrapping Paper

Grizzly Bear Happy Birthday Gift wrap

This is special gift wrap for wrapping those really special presents.

On the wrapping paper you can see a mommy grizzly bear and two cubs and besides that there will be text but you can decided what it says (at no extra cost).

Maybe yours will say “Happy Birthday” or maybe “Happy Holidays” the options are limited only by your imagination.

You can get this grizzle bear gift wrap in all kind of sizes so that you can get what you really need.

And personalized gift wrap makes giving and getting presents even more special so I would say come check out this Grizzly Bear Wrapping Paper.

buy Metal Bear Napkin Holder

Metal Bear Napkin Holder

Metal Bear Napkin Holder

Hand crafted wrought iron bear napkin holder! Made in the USA! Laser cut for a clean and stylish look, a modern way of doing metal work, and different than the original hammer and anvil style.

The silhouette of this impressive bear will look elegant and grand as it contrasts against the off-white hue of your napkins. Simple touches like this make all the difference when setting out to make a warm and unique dining experience from the home. This napkin holder brings the outdoor charm of North America into your kitchen in a pleasing manner that will entertain dinner guests in a subtle way.

Bring some down home warmth to your table. Get a hold of your own wrought iron Bear Silhouette Napkin Holder.

buy Brown Bear You Go Travel Pillow

Brown Bear You Go Travel Pillow

Brown Bear You Go Travel Pillow

Bears and sleep! They go together like peanut butter and honey! Like nap and time! Like hiber and nation! Well, you get the idea!

When you are travelling there is nothing more beneficial to the quality of your adventures than being well rested. This little bear pillow is just what you need to ensure this happens! After a trek in the woods, enjoy the comfort that this microbead cushion provides. Also, when travelling by car, coach, train or plane, unzip his belly and utilize the hidden neck rest!

Our friend the bear measures approx. 13.5×6.5×7.25 inches, with the inside cushion measuring 7×12 inches. Simple lines and beautifully stitched creates great personality. It’s not a teddy, but it is nap ready. Poly-spandex blend exterior. Polystyrene microbead fill.

Rest your head on the back of this lovely brown bear, and dream peacefully of your adventures past, present and future. Pack smart and remember this guy doubles as a travel cushion with hideable neck rest!

Grab your bear necessities, get your Brown Bear You Go Travel Pillow.