buy Turtle Cookie Jar

Turtle Cookie Jar

Turtle Cookie Jar

Well at least you know if this turtle takes off with your cookies it won’t be moving fast.

Have a look at this fun cookie jar featuring well details like each square on the shell, tail and little toes. Also this is one cute turtle, a very friendly face with a nice smile.

The turtle cookie jar is made from very high quality ceramic and is very durable and perfect to store your favorite treats in, measures 10.5 x 7.5 x 12 inches.

Check out the Turtle Cookie Jar.

buy Sleeping Cat Cookie Jar

Sleeping Cat Cookie Jar

Colorful cat cookie jar

It will be practically impossible to keep this cute cat cookie jar filled!

The cookie jar itself stands 10 inches high and is made of ceramic.

You will love the patchwork paint pattern on the coat of the cat and of course ,he is wearing a tie to match his ‘I gotta secret’ type of grin.

At the neck of the cookie jar is where you pull apart to access the cookies.

To retain the crisp color of the unique design, hand wash with warm water and avoid the dishwasher.

You may find your cookie jar with the jazzy, funky and fun cat on the outside more popular than your cookies, wouldn’t that be a surprise.

If cats and cookies are you thing then come get your Sleeping Cat Cookie Jar.

buy Panda Bear Cookie Jar

Panda Bear Cookie Jar

Ceramic Panda Cookie Jar

Everyone knows the best cookie jar is a big cookie jar and this panda bear cookie jar takes the prize.

Made of ceramics, it is 12 inches tall, 10 inches wide and 6 inches deep and is best hand washed for a long lasting finish.

The lid of the panda jar has a rubber seal to maintain the freshness of the contents.

Be sure your panda cookie jar is always on the counter so you can see the happy bearer of all things tasty.

So get ready for fresh cookies out of your Panda Ceramic Cookie Jar.

buy Cat Cookie Jar

Cat Cookie Jar

Chester the Cat cookie jar

‘Chester the Cat’ cookie jar looks like he is needing a back rub and while you do that , help yourself to a cookie.

This large cookie jar is made of high gloss ceramic and measures 8 ” x 8 ” and 6.5″ deep, lots of room for cookies.

It comes in black and white detailing with kitty holding a heart shaped cookie between his front paws.

The cat’s tail actually serves as the handle for the lid which has a rubber gasket to seal to keep the contents fresh.

Hand wash only to assure a long life with your Chester the Cat cookie jar.

Go cookie shopping and store them in this Chester The Cat Cookie Jar.

Adorable Ladybug Cookie Jar

Adorable Lady Bug Cookie Jar

If you are looking for the perfect and adorable cookie jar, I think you have just found it!

This is a cookie jar that features a ladybug standing up holding a flower bunch, with awsome detail you will find cute little antenna and magnifacent colors and of course, just look at that face…..Adorable.

Made from ceramic this is a durable high quality coolkie jar that measures 10 inches in height and is completly hand painted with raised features and details.

Find your Adorable Ladybug Cookie Jar.

Bumblebee Cookie Jar

Bumble Bee Cookie Jar

A Bumblebee has never been so cute, this Bumblebee is not going to make you honey but it will hold your favorite cookies.

With awsome attention to detail there is balck wire wings and antenna also it is hand painted with care and detail, black and yellow colors of a Bumblebee stripe this cookie jar.

Made from ceramic this is a durable high quality cookie jar and measures 9″W X 7 1/2″H with a 4″ opening.

Get your Bumblebee Cookie Jar.

Cow Cookie Jar

Cow cookie jar

An important part of our everyday diet consist of milk and cookies and that is why we want a nice cookie jar.

This Cow shaped cookie jar wants to help you reach you diet goals.

Of course this is a ceramic cow s no real milk there but he is holding up some cookies and there is lots of space on the inside to store you yummy cookies.

This is a hand painted cookie jar and so your cow cookie jar can look a little bit different. And of course a good ceramic cookie jar will keep you cookies fresh, the lid of this jar will make sure of that.

Milk and Cookies time so rush and order your Cow Cookie Jar.

Black Bear Cookie Jar

Cookies go in this black bear cookie jar

A nice cookie jar that is what every home needs.

This cookie jar looks like a black bear enjoying some honey. The jar is 10.5 x 7.5 inch and has lots of room for storing some delicious cookies.

By taking of the top of the bear you will get access to the cookies.

If you like bears and love cookies then you should check out this Black Bear Cookie Jar.