buy Zebra Cookie Jar

Zebra Cookie Jar

Go get some cookie for storing in this amazing looking Zebra Cookie Jar.

This zebra jar is glass ball shape with a cracked look and then on top there is a ceramic zebra that looks like it is lying one between some flowers.

You can keep your cookies or candy perfectly in this fun cookie jar.

And this zebra cookie jar is just made to last so that I can stay in the family for many generations.

Now you can stop eating all the cookies at at once because you can now store some in the cookie jar to keep them for another day.

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buy Owl Cookie Jar

Owl Cookie Jar

Now there is this Owl Cookie Jar that looks amazing and is great at holding cookies.

The owl cookie jar is made from ceramic and hand painted with lead free paint.

As you can see the owl looks amazing and when you pull its head of then you get inside the cookie jar where all your cookies live.

The owl is 10 inches tall and will look great in your home and as it is a quality product it can be part of you home for many years and I think it can stay in the family for many generations.

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buy Hungry Cat Cookie Jar

Hungry Cat Cookie Jar

Now there is this adorable Cat Cookie Jar that is great for anyone that loves cookies and cats.

The cookie jar looks really classy as it has a nice white colors and it even says “COOKIES” on it and there are 22K gold details and then there is the lid and that is a cat with a lid on it’s head so that it looks like it is crawling out of the jar with a cookie in his paws.

The cute and fun cookie jar is 8 3/4 x 12 1/4 inches and is just made to last for many generations.

I would just make sure to keep this cookie jar away from a cat as it just may kick if over and eat you cookies.

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buy Penguin Cookie Jar

Penguin Cookie Jar

Sure you can eat the whole batch of cookies but that would not be smart would it?

Just store those cookies somewhere nice like a penguin cookie jar like this one.

This ceramic cookie jar looks like a big king penguin with a little chick under it’s feathers.

The cookie jar is 11.5 inch tall and made by Westland Giftware.

A nice cookie jar like this can last for many generations and that is why a penguin like this should be taking watch over the cookies that you and your kids eat as maybe in the future the same bird will see your grandkids and their children do that same.

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buy Duck Cookie Jar

Duck Cookie Jar

If you have cookies lying around that just need a home then a cookie jar is what you need.

This cookie jar is just cute and amazing at the same time.

The cookie jar is shaped like a duck and even has a little bow around it’s neck.

Made from ceramic this high gloss duck just looks perfect in many decors and it is a timeless piece that can be your go to cookie jar for years and probably generations to come.

The duck is 11 inch tall, 11 1/2 inch long and 7 inch wide and offers plenty of room to store those treats.

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buy Coca Cola Polar Bear Cookie Jar

Coca Cola Polar Bear Cookie Jar

I always enjoy the Coca Cola commercials with the cute polar bears.

And because I also enjoy cookies this cookie jar is perfect for me.

This ceramic cookie jar made by Westland Giftware shows a polar bear enjoying a dip in a red Coca Cola pail filled with ice and some bottles of cola and the bear even holds a cola and seems ready for a drink.

So now you can have this cookie jar standing filled with yummy cookies and enjoy the fun looking design.

And this cookie jar is not only for people that like polar bears it is also a great collectors item for people that collect everything Coca Cola.

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buy Pug Cookie Jar

Pug Cookie Jar

Pug Cookie Jar

If pugs are the dog of choice then this jar is the way to go.

This amazing looking cookie jar shows the art work by Linda Picken that shows two pugs in a field but that is not the only pug you find on this cookie jar.

On the lid you find two sculptured dogs of witch one seem to have found the cookies.

This cookie jar is made from ceramic and will store all you cookies and keeping them fresh. The lid has a rubber seal to keep those cookies fresh as long as it takes and if you are baking then I guess that won’t be long before those cookies are gone.

Dog lovers come take a closer look at this Pug Cookie Jar.

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buy Black Bear Cookie Jar

Black Bear Cookie Jar

Ceramic Bear shaped cookie jar

Does your cookies need protection from all the cookie monsters in your house?

Well this black bear cookie jars is up for the job to store and protect your cookies and keep them safe.

This cute ceramic bear cookie jar is in the shape of a big black bear sitting up holding onto a cookie.

It measures 10.5 inches in size so it won’t take up to much space on your kitchen counter.

The black bear will definitely add some style to your kitchen or wherever you decide to display your cookie jar.

Your cookies will be easy to find when they are inside this cute Black Bear Cookie Jar.

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buy Polar Bear Cub Cookie Jar

Polar Bear Cub Cookie Jar

Young animals are so cute and this polar bear cub is no exception.

This is a polar bear cookie jar and the cub is just so happy to serve you cookies all the time.

A ceramic cookie jar like this one will last a lifetime and it helps that this one is so cute.

This cookie jar made by Westland Giftware is about 9 1/2 inch and that give it plenty of space to store those yummy cookies.

A lasting cookie jar like this make a great item to pass down for generations to come because everyone wants to eat cookies.

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buy Chihuahua Cookie Jar

Chihuahua Cookie Jar

Chihuahua Cookie 12 Inch Jar

Do you love the cute and adorable dog the chihuahua, well you are in luck.

Check out this cute cookie jar that features a chihuahua all dressed up in mexican style with a colorful poncho and little sombrero ready to party, the colors are vibrant and painted on with awesome attention to detail and quality.

Not only is this chihuahua cookie jar fun, cute and whimsical it is also functional, just lift up the head of the chihuahua and find an opening that can hold lots of your favorite treats like cookies, also you could use this as a dog treat jar.

Made from very durable and high quality ceramic to last a long time, the inside area of the jar that holds the cookies is 12 inches tall and the entire cookie jar is over 15 inches tall.

Fill up this Chihuahua 12 Inch Cookie Jar.

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