buy Chihuahua Shower Curtain

Chihuahua Shower Curtain

Chihuahua Break Through Shower Curtain

If you like chihuahua’s and need a new shower curtain then this is the shower curtain you want.

This white shower curtain has a big picture on it of a chihuahua that looks like it breaks through the shower curtain and that of course is fun.

So now you shower can be dressed up with a chihuahua shower curtain that is 69 x 70 inch the perfect size for most bathtub showers.

Made from 100% softened polyester this shower curtain is beside cute also really strong and easy to clean.

So bring a dog into the bath room with this Chihuahua Break Through Shower Curtain.

buy Chihuahua Christmas Ornament

Chihuahua Christmas Ornament

Chihuahua Christmas Ornament

Do you love to decorate your Christmas tree? Well, if you do and you love cute adorable Chihuahuas this special Chihuahua ball ornament would look great hanging on your Christmas tree.

Chihuahuas is one of the smallest breeds of dogs are very devoted, courageous, and lively.

This adorable gold Chihuahua ball ornament features the head of a cute brown and white Chihuahua with a wreath around its neck and snowflakes all around the bulb. Also there is a gold bow at the top of the ornament.

The ornament is 3.5′ x 3.5″ in size and would make a prefect Christmas gift for any Chihuahua lover out there.

Enjoy decorating your tree and start by hanging this cute Chihuahua Ball Ornament.

buy Chihuahua Glasses Holder

Chihuahua Glasses Holder

Chihuahua Glasses Holder

Do you wear prescription glasses or readers? Are you always looking for your glasses when you take them off and forget where you’ve placed them?
If so this Chihuahua glasses holder is the perfect item for you.

It is a hand painted original dog and the dimensions are 6.5″ x 8.5″ x 5.75″ in size. Just the right size to sit on your desk at work, your desk at home, and even on your dresser when you go to bed at night. The options are unlimited to were you can put this dog glasses holder.

This Chihuahua glasses holder is sure to win over dog lovers of all ages both young and old. It will make the perfect gift idea for someone who as everything.

So make you glasses easy to find by putting them on a cute Chihuahua glasses holder.

buy Chihuahua Puppy Luggage Tag

Chihuahua Puppy Luggage Tag

Chihuahua Luggage Tag with a cute dog

Here is a great item for those animal lovers out there. This Chihuahua luggage tag with a leather strap is perfect for your travels.

This adorable luggage tag has a red background with hearts and a cute picture of a Chihuahua it would stand out on the baggage carousel and easy for you to identify when picking up your luggage.

The dog luggage tag is made of ultra durable acrylic, uv resistant, water proof and it fits 2″ x 3.5″ in size approximately the size of a business card.

This Chihuahua luggage tag also as a feature that can be customized with you own personal information on the back.

Make those bags easy to find and hard to loose with this Chihuahua Puppy Luggage Tag.

buy Chihuahua Cookie Jar

Chihuahua Cookie Jar

Chihuahua Cookie 12 Inch Jar

Do you love the cute and adorable dog the chihuahua, well you are in luck.

Check out this cute cookie jar that features a chihuahua all dressed up in mexican style with a colorful poncho and little sombrero ready to party, the colors are vibrant and painted on with awesome attention to detail and quality.

Not only is this chihuahua cookie jar fun, cute and whimsical it is also functional, just lift up the head of the chihuahua and find an opening that can hold lots of your favorite treats like cookies, also you could use this as a dog treat jar.

Made from very durable and high quality ceramic to last a long time, the inside area of the jar that holds the cookies is 12 inches tall and the entire cookie jar is over 15 inches tall.

Fill up this Chihuahua 12 Inch Cookie Jar.

buy Chihuahua Face T-Shirt

Chihuahua Face T-Shirt

Chihuahua Face T-Shirt

Be sure to surprise your friends when you show up in a t-shirt with a life like chihuahua face on the front.

The coloring of the t-shirt is light brown which is ideal to accentuate the warm brown eyes and of course the delightful wet nose of this chihuahua.

The chihuahua shirt is a short sleeve and is available in sizes small to 3 X large, meaning there is a size for everybody.

Made of preshrunk 100 % cotton, it is best to warm water wash and hang dry as you will probably wish to prolong the life of this t-shirt.

Insure that all the dog lovers in your family have a chihuahua face t-shirt and you can be confident that you will have no one borrowing yours!

Come have a better look at this Chihuahua Face T-Shirt.

Plush Chihuahua with Pet Carrier

Plush Chihuahua with Pet Carrier

If you always wanted to take your Chihuahua everywhere, but without the actual hassle of a real dog then check this out.

This is an 8 inch plush Chihuahua that is super adorable and soft that comes with a stylish pet carrier, with a nice fur design and very realistic features like breathing mesh on the side.

This is the perfect plush toy to go everywhere and do everything with you, You will also find a cool mesh pocket in the back which is perfect for your cell phone.

Get your Plush Chihuahua with Pet Carrier.