buy Alphabet Alligator Puzzle

Alphabet Alligator Puzzle

kids wooden alligator puzzle

Someone would enjoy an alphabet puzzle that looks like an alligator.

Viewing this puzzle from the side, we see a happy big alligator smile, with a red tongue showing between white teeth. Just above is a smiley eye, black and clear ready to help learn the alphabet.

This puzzle is made out of wood, has 26 pieces with easy to grasp knobs on each piece. Bold black lettering on each piece itself is ‘upper case’ and below where the pieces fit, black and bold lower case to assist the learner in getting the alphabet memorized quickly and easily.

We see four legs on this puzzle and of course and alligator tail sweeping up all ready to play. This alphabet puzzles is perfectly sized for toddlers from about 3 years and up it is a portable size at 19.5″ X 11.75 ” and can is easily be toted around.

Do consider this alligator puzzle to assist kids in learning the alphabet easily while having a fun time too.

Don’t wait add an alligator to your home with this¬†Alphabet Alligator Jigsaw Puzzle.

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