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Panda Bear Kite

Panda Bear Kite

Gawrsh, this kite is just cute!! You can take your panda to the sky with this large “easy flier” kite, complete with 300 feet of 30 pound test kite string and winder.

So awesome the panda sweetly clings to the bamboo chute, while flying high in the sky! Extremely simple to set up, this time honored tradition of kite flying can be enjoyed by anyone five years or older.

It might just renew the tender best of your child-like qualities, and you are guaranteed to be the provider of smiles to anyone who beholds it. Measures 46×65 inches, it rolls up easily and could fit in your car spring to fall, so when the magical moment moves you – voila! spontaneous joy for all those involved.

Get your family this fun looking Panda Bear Kite.

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Butterfly Kite

Butterfly single line Kite

When there is a nice breeze on a sunny day then what better to do then enjoying flying a kite.

And this butterfly kite would be perfect to take out into the wind.

This is a single line kite that folds out to 26 inch and just looks like a pretty butterfly.

And this butterfly kite comes with an 80 feet line on a nice handle that makes it easy to hold when you kite is soaring through the air.

Kids of all ages can enjoy the view of a kite in the sky so what are you waiting for just come get your own Butterfly Kite.