buy Grey Wolf Plush Rug

Grey Wolf Plush Rug

Grey Wolf Plush Rug

Now the cabin in the woods can have a nice grey wolf rug.

But this wolf rug is more for the kids room as it is a plush rug and not a real wolf.

The super soft rug looks like a rug and has the big head on it that is almost like a pillow to kids that love to play on it or get comfortable while watching TV.

The plush wolf rug is 20 x 38 inch and is machine washable if it get dirty.

Make some kids happy with this special looking Grey Wolf Plush Rug.

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buy Plush Moose Rug

Plush Moose Rug

Plush Moose Rug for the kids

Kids love to play on the floor or just lei there watch TV or read a book.

But maybe the wooden floor is a big cold for that and that is why there is this moose rug and no this is not a real moose just a big flat plush animal moose.

The moose rug is 23 x 41 inch and great for a kids room or even the living room and if i gets dirty then just put the moose in the washing machine.

This is not a real kids toy but a great way to decorate and be comfortable.

And the moose is just adorable with his tiny tail and head with antlers sticking out from the carpet.

I know that I would love one of these Plush Moose Rugs.

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buy Plush Black Bear Rug

Plush Black Bear Rug

Plush Black Bear Rug for the kids room

Just imagine the kids room with a bear rug.

Ok not a real bear of course but how about a plush black bear like this one.

The black bear rug is soft and cuddly and great for lying on the ground on with the big bear head sticking out.

Kids and adults will love this rug just because it’s cute and great for cuddling. The bear rug is 20 x 38 inch and that is the perfect size for around the house without being in the way.

A black bear rug like this one is a lot better then a real bear and kids will enjoy it more to. So lets not wait any longer come and get your Plush Black Bear Rug.

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