buy Bunny Slippers

Bunny Slippers

Poke your cold tootsies into the lovely warm plush of these bunny slippers and let the chill melt away.

Tan body of this critter is complete with white cotton ball tail, two floppy ears and a cute pink rabbit nose.

Choose from women’s sizes starting at 6 going up to 10.5.

The bottom of these slippers has non skid soles for the midnight snack runs without incident.

Wipe off the white areas with a damp cloth to retain the bunny whiteness of these slippers and be prepared for the next gift giving event and order an extra pair to have on hand.

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buy Cow Slippers

Cow Slippers

Move over cold feet, not gonna happen with these cow slippers!

Extra fluffy, extra cute, the black and white cow slippers are available in adult sizes medium and large.

Complete with yellow horns the black little ears and button noses will prove to be sure favorites.

Look at your gift list when ordering these cow slippers, I bet there are more than just one person who is crazy for cows and hops into slipper as soon as they get home!

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buy Duck Feet Slippers

Duck Feet Slippers

kids ducks slippers

Whether it be Halloween or just cold tootsies, these duck slippers will be perfect.

Made for kids these orange ducky looking feet have bright yellow socks that snuggle around the children’s ankles.

Bottom of the slippers have round rubber grips which are perfect for active little feet!

Hopefully your little ones will feel as cute in these duck slippers as they look and will be warm and adorable all at the same time.

Make you kid in to a duck with these warm Duck Feet Slippers.

buy Stompeez Bee Bop Bunny Slippers

Stompeez Bee Bop Bunny Slippers

Stompeez Bee Bop Bunny Slippers

Not your average slippers!

Stompeez are slippers with character and attitude, they are super fun and always so colorful.

This pair of Stompeez are called Bee Bop Bunny slippers, with cute eyes, fluffy bunny ears and a nice combination of pink and blue they stand  out for sure.

So what makes these so unique? Stompeez have a cool feature, when you walk, jump or stomp the bunny ears stick up revealing the adorable bunny face.

Made from high quality material, so the Bee Bop Bunny slipppers will last for a long time. They are really warm and soft aswell.

Have a look at the Stompeez Bee Bop Bunny Slippers.

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Kittens Suede Moccasins

Kitten Capers: Cat Lover's Suede Women's Moccasins

The only thing more adorable than a kitten is two kittens.

A nice soft pair of moccasins that features an embroidered patch of two kittens snuggled up against each other on the top of each foot, with cute little kitten paws below them. Also you will find the text “I Love Cats” embroidered on the side of each moccasin.

A great quality product that is crafted in genuine suede and lined with plush faux shearling giving it a super soft comfortable feel.

Slip into your Kitten Capers: Suede Moccasins.

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