buy Narwhal Whale USB Heated Slippers

Narwhal Whale USB Heated Slippers

Do you need a comfy warm pair of slippers and just happen to love whales, especially the unicorn of the sea the narwhal whale?

If so then this is a pair of slippers you will want to take a closer look at.

This is a pair of slippers that look like a very cute narwhal whale. They are all grey and a soft plush with facial features and a small horn on the front that sticks out.

Made to be durable soft and warm from a plush 20% cotton and 80% polyester. Each slipper measures 13 inches x 6 inches and comes with a power cord that has a length of 57 inches.

Made as a one size fits most adults so all can enjoy and they feature a bottom that has non slip dots.

You can use these slippers as a foot warmer while plugged into the USB port then easily unplug and wear around as slippers with a little head start on the warmth.

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buy Monkey Slippers

Monkey Slippers

Cold feet can be a thing of the past when you own this pair of monkey slippers.

These slippers are adorable and come in many sizes for both kids and adults.

The slippers look like monkeys lying on their back with paws and of course their head.

Just imagine walking around the house with two animals on your feet.

Of course these monkey slippers make for a great gift and I am sure they are gone be loved on all those cold days when socks are just not enough.

With monkeys at your feet live becomes better for sure.

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buy Turtle Slippers

Turtle Slippers

Cold feet are not a nice thing to have when you are at home and that is why they invented slippers.

If you like turtles then you are in luck because we found the coolest pair of turtle slippers.

And these turtle slippers come in many sizes so that kids and adults can enjoy them.

As you can see on the picture the slippers have amazing detail and are perfect for in the mornings when things don’t move to fast because turtles don’t go fast either.

And these animal slippers have a nonslip bottom to make the safe to.

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buy Green Frog Slippers

Green Frog Slippers

Green Frog Women's Slippers

Why get cold feet if there are soft warm frogs to keep your feet warm.

OK most frogs are wet and cold but these slippers just look like frogs and that is why they will some women’s feet warm.

You can get these slippers in many sizes so that they fit like you want them to and these frog slippers are coral fleece lined to make sure you feet will be warm and toasty.

Of course it helps that these slippers look so cute with the light green fabric and the pop up frog eyes these slippers will make you smile every time you wear them.

Get those feet covered and warm by wearing these Green Frog Women’s Slippers.

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buy Pig Face Fuzzy Slippers

Pig Face Fuzzy Slippers

If pigs are one of you most favorite animals then you should take a look at these cute slippers.

These fuzzy slippers have a pigs face printed on the front of the slippers so it will look like you are wearing pigs on your feet.

And these slippers are fuzzy and warm and just perfect for wearing on those cold days.

These pig women’s slippers come in a wide range of sizes going from size 5 all the way to size 10.

Of course while wearing these pig slippers you are not allowed to even think about bacon but I promise it is all worth it when you see these piggies yourself.

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buy Kitten Slippers

Kitten Slippers

Kitten Slippers

Are you a crazy cat lady with cold feet or just a normal person that likes cat and also has cold feet?

If you are then these plush slippers are perfect for you.

The slippers look like cats and they are plush making them extra special.

One size fits most adults and that means that you may have to fight over them with your significant other but when you win then these orange cat slippers are yours.

Elastic foot openings make them easy to wear and hard for them to fall off. And the bottom has not slip dots to keep you on your feet safely.

Come and take a better look at this fun Cat Slippers.

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buy Panda Plush Slippers

Panda Plush Slippers

Panda Plush Slippers

Panda’s just look like soft and cuddly and now there are some slippers that for sure are and they even look like a panda bear.

These slippers come in one size fits most adults and are made by Kawaii.

Just slip them on and no more cold feet for you. Just walk around the house and see people stare at you cute and warm panda slippers.

These slippers are just perfect for a cold day and as they are so cute they will be hard to abandon them when you have to go to work.

On the bottom there are nobs to keep you from slipping.

So no to cold feet and wear your Panda Bear Plush Slippers.

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buy Shark Plush Slippers

Shark Plush Slippers

plush Shark Slippers.jpg

Cold feet are no fun so bring some plush animals and stick them on your feet. But of course that brings some problems as they don’t seem to have room for feet.

Luckily for you there now are these shark slippers that will keep your feet warm and keep other feet away because nobody wants to be bitten by a shark.

These adult plush slippers are one size fits most. The foot opening is elastic so that it’s easy to put on and they will stay in place to. The bottom of these plush shark slippers is fabric with nonslip dots.

Get ready for a cold day by ordering your Shark Plush Slippers.

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buy Giraffe Kids Animal Slippers

Giraffe Kids Animal Slippers

Giraffe Kids Animal Slippers

How can you keep your kids feet warm?

I know it is difficult to make them wear anything around the house.
But maybe if you get them some fun footwear that would change.

These slippers are giraffes nice and plush and with the long neck sticking out in front.

And these giraffe slippers come in a wide range of toddler and kids sizes.

Get their feet warm by putting them in these Giraffe Animal Slippers.

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buy Grizzly Bear Slippers

Grizzly Bear Slippers

Grizzly Bear paw Slippers

Winter is upon us and that means cold feet while walking around the house.

So some animal slippers would be great. Of course no real animals where hurt in making these slippers!

These brown slippers look like a grizzly bear paw and that means that now you can be the strong and mighty bear in your home.

And bear slippers of course give you the right to hibernate when ever you feel like.

So get warm and sleepy by wearing these fun Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers.